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27 annoying food packaging quirks anyone who eats food understands

by:Keke Jewelry     2019-10-25
Worst food packaging.
Photos by egokick.
Comok, yes, sometimes I understand when it will make the food last longer, especially if it is an agricultural product and you can\'t add preservatives during the shelf life.
But when you put a plastic film on my Greek yogurt and an aluminum seal and a plastic cap on it, I started to get angry.
What am I talking about?
Then you will fully understand why these are the 27 worst food packaging concepts ever: 1.
Any bag of chips provided by mentalfloss.
Complete once, just fill the bag with potato chips.
I didn\'t buy air for $2. 2.
Courtesy of Capri SunPhoto wilx.
When you try to insert the straw, you never stab the back of Capri, are you American? 3.
Courtesy of CerealPhoto egokick.
When you are very excited to open a box of grain, you tear the plastic bag too far, so half of your grain is finally placed at the bottom of the box. . . yeah. 4.
Photo of Domino brown sugar provided by publixandbeyond.
If you run out of brown sugar before it gets hard to become a steel brick, then you\'ll either bake a lot or be a magical person.
Can\'t they sell it with something that can be re-sealed? ? ? Ugh. 5.
The courtesy of fresh sliced cooked food cold CutsPhoto shoppellsiga.
ComOh, you know what I\'m talking about: that damn grocery store thinks it\'s a plastic bag.
Yeah, the one they threw you slice the oven.
Roast Turkey and then put stickers on it to keep the meat delicious and safe.
Then, when you dream of a killer sandwich, you need to say Turkey in it, there is no way to tear the plastic bag.
Everything happens. Single. Time. 6.
PringlesPhoto photos are provided by Allstate.
ComYeah, they did fill the jar all the way.
But unless your hands are as big as a mouse, or when you turn the pots over to get the last few pieces, you like to have Pringles pieces everywhere, they suck. 7.
School milk CartonsPhoto provided by Startribune.
Comtbt takes at least 5 minutes to open milk at school.
Like these things they designed, it\'s impossible.
I am still full of anger when I have to open the adultsized ones. 8.
The courtesy of producing StickersPhoto PS.
Did I eat one? Probably. 9.
Provided by Pierce Bury.
Sorry for the dough boy, but the package is rotten.
It takes forever to find the seams, the paper never completely falls off at the first attempt, and it is not possible to keep the direction the same. 10.
Packed with soy sauce provided by cudge.
I hope you can feel me on this. 11.
Dole Fruit Cup provided by mavenofsavin.
Is it really necessary to put all the water/syrup in? No.
The answer is always no. 12.
Natural Valley bar provided by tumblr.
Damn city. 13.
Photos of Polish spring sportswear bottles from Poland.
Damn those stupid little pieces of plastic that stop you from drinking water bottles when you need them most. 14. Shrink-
Independent British melon. co. ukSeriously?
When there is a whole box of free cucumbers next to it, why do you need to wrap a cucumber with plastic wrapballin\' it?
Don\'t even let me start talking about how annoying it is to try to remove the plastic from the cucumber. 15.
The courtesy of plastic bag/box SaladPhoto popsugar.
ComI doesn\'t know about you, but when I buy a bag of lettuce it\'s usually just for me.
It only makes sense to sell this size of lettuce in a family of 5, and they all like to eat food suitable for rabbits.
Learn from the anger of Brandy Melvillesize-fits-
All: this is not how it works. 16.
All the yogurt is served by babble.
ComI loved it when my Yoplait splashed my face, didn\'t it? 17.
Tostitos Queso or SalsaPhoto provided by Amazon.
This is to eat from the jar so is my knuckles covered with food?
Or do I do that, when I pour salsa into a bowl, I can\'t take it all out?
Fml anyway.
For a complete list of annoying food packaging quirks, click here.
Original post by Alex Hawkins of Spoon University.
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