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trenton-based terracycle takes plastic bag recycling to next level with north face retailer

by:Keke Jewelry     2019-10-31
For those who are proficient in the environment, the only place for starburst packaging or empty Coke bottles is the recycle bin.
The folk Terracycle has another one.
Terracycle is working with rugged outdoor clothing retailer North Face to recycle clear plastic bags used in the packaging.
The company has just reached an agreement to recycle 2 million plastic bags collected by 20 North Face stores every year.
\"These bags are a huge problem in the industry and they get thrown away unless there is a recycling solution,\" said Lauren Taylor, spokesman for Terracycle . \".
The project, which is a joint effort by North Face and Terracycle, took about two years to develop.
Taylor said she hopes the project will pave the way for more similar projects.
\"We want it to go beyond the north to other retailers and companies that want to participate,\" Taylor said . \".
Terracycle, founded in 2001, produces products made of recycled materials and works with companies such as Logotech to help provide recycling solutions.
While the project with North Face is an important partner of Terracycle, it is not the only partner.
Terracycle is currently working with Kraft, a food company, to encourage recycling of plastic Polly-
O string of cheese wrappers.
\"If you bring the package to Six Flags, you get a discount on the tickets,\" Taylor said . \".
\"Then they collect the packaging and send it to us.
\"Fortunately for the theme park lovers, the project is just beginning and will continue throughout the summer.
Taylor said that while Terracycle did make some money from working with North Face, revenue is nothing compared to the positive impact on the environment.
\"We don\'t make much money from our show,\" Taylor said . \".
\"They did pay us to help them manage it, but not much money.
We just want to change the status quo and let the company think about the solution.
Terracycle, based in Trenton, sells recycled products at a Princeton store, but has recently closed.
At Princeton, Terracycle products are now being sold at green design companies that sell eco-products.
Everything from furniture to baby products is friendly.
\"We are not a big company, so it makes more sense to work with a company that already sells this product,\" Taylor said . \".
\"It makes more sense than trying to own your own store.
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