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to the women over 40 and the 20-somethings who write about them

by:Keke Jewelry     2020-05-15
I\'m in my 40 s.
I\'m surrounded by teenagers.
I\'m tired of the baby on the internet telling me what to do.
A few days ago, there were some slides on the Internet, and there was a \"thing women shouldn\'t do after they were 30 \".
\"One of these things?
Wear big earrings. My response? A two-
Salute the screen.
Seriously, go to you and your \"you\'re too old to wear earrings\" noise.
I have a life of my own.
Love for earrings.
I just bought a pair of big ones.
Ass, shoulder, silver circle.
Because my inner spirit of freedom made me feel like she was a gypsy with earrings and bracelets.
But some women
The child who thinks she\'s grown up will tell me what I can\'t wear anymore because I\'m too old? Seriously.
Fucking noise.
Partly because I am \"old\", I no longer care what I do or wear is socially acceptable.
My first tattoo when I was 40
This year, I dyed my hair into a duck.
Do you know?
Looks great.
My favorite pair of shoes is my doctor Martin boots I dare any child on the internet who may be younger than some of my own underwear trying to tell me that I can\'t wear them anymore.
Do you know what women should not do after the age of 30?
They should not tell other women what they can and cannot do.
They should not accept the nonsense that other women pile on them.
They should not suppress their true self in order to adapt to social standards.
They shouldn\'t listen to anyone saying, \"You can\'t do that.
\"They should not let completely unfamiliar people with less life experience bully them.
Do you know what women should not do after the age of 30?
They should not tell other women what they can and cannot do.
How should we tell our daughter that if we succumb to the pressure of toddlers on the Internet, tell us that we can\'t be on our 30 th birthday? Nope. Sorry.
I reject your criteria about how a woman over 30 should dress, how to act, and how to shape herself.
I have never been the kind of person with peer pressure, before I was in my 30 s, even after I was in my 30 s.
Look, miss, this is the deal: You\'re too young to tell me what to do.
Live to my age, then you can make your own rules.
At the same time, I will wear any length of dress and I really like to use my old Converse sneakers.
Do you know who likes my teal hair best?
Women under 30
They don\'t even believe in this nonsense.
Shot by Elisha Clark.
A version of this post originally appeared on PhoebeHolmes. com.
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