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Titanium steel jewelry also has a time to rust? Quality is the root cause

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-08-17
Titanium steel jewelry also has a time to rust? Quality is the root cause
The main raw material for the production of titanium steel jewelry is 316L stainless steel. Then, since it is stainless steel, why do some titanium steel jewelry still rust? This involves product quality issues. KEKE jewelry believes that there are mainly two aspects, which are described in detail below.

On the one hand, in order to save production costs, some jewelry processing manufacturers use impure raw materials in the production process of titanium steel jewelry, such as stainless steel containing other metals. These materials tend to have more impurities, so it is inevitable that they will be oxidized and rusted.

The second aspect lies in the improper operation of other processes, which leads to the change of titanium steel jewelry exposed to chemical substances, which makes the jewelry black and rusted. Or some basic treatment processes are directly omitted, the production is not rigorous, and the quality will of course be affected more or less.

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