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The specific process of stainless steel jewelry factory making stainless steel diamond ring

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-10-08
1. Choose a loose diamond: When choosing a loose diamond, you should choose the size and size of the diamond according to your budget, and you must also understand the '4Cs' of diamonds to choose a loose diamond with appropriate weight, clarity, cut, and color. . Stainless steel jewelry factory, stainless steel jewelry processing

2. Trial ring: Everyone's fingers are different in thickness. Choose a suitable ring to wear the best effect. The diamond ring should not be too thick, too thick ring will shake up and down, and the belt will be unstable; and if the ring is too thin, it will lead to poor blood circulation in the finger, and if it is worn for a long time, it will also cause deformation of the finger.

3. Choose the style: When we choose the style of the ring, we should match it according to our own style characteristics, hand shape and the size of the selected diamond. People with a lively personality are suitable for choosing a style with more complicated patterns, while if your fingers are small, you can choose a gorgeous style, and if your fingers are thicker, you can choose a simple and generous style. If you choose a style according to the size of the diamond, if the selected diamond is larger, it is not suitable to choose a style with a setting.

What are the advantages of custom stainless steel diamond rings?

Advantage 1: Customized stainless steel diamond rings are unique.

Advantage 2: Customized stainless steel diamond ring, the quality is more transparent and intuitive.

Advantage 3: Customized stainless steel diamond ring, the price is simple and clear, and very favorable.

'4 C's'


Cutting is the only human factor in it. A skilled diamond cutter can make a good diamond dazzling, and he can maximize the reflection of the internal light to the surface of the diamond. The cutter should cut it so that it is symmetrical as if looking in a mirror.

A good piece of diamond ore may be wasted due to the lack of skill of the cutter. An ideally cut diamond should be round and have 58 sharp edges that reflect the most light. A good-quality diamond is highly valuable, reflective and symmetrical, but a poor-cut diamond may be cut too deep or too shallow to retain its maximum weight and thus fail to bring out its full brilliance. Polishing technique will also affect the quality of the diamond, and a perfectly cut, symmetrical diamond may lose value due to poor polishing.


Some large jewelry stores will display some diamonds for comparison. They list diamonds of various color grades in a row to help customers compare, because ordinary customers cannot distinguish the color of diamonds with the naked eye. The color of diamonds is colorless as the top grade, and gradually becomes second as the yellow color deepens.


In general, flaws determine the value of a diamond. More precisely, it depends on the amount of impurities in the diamond ore. Almost every piece of diamond ore contains impurities, and even the best quality diamond ore will have some flaws. It is considered flawless when its clarity is LC.


Carat was once considered the decisive measure of the value of a diamond. When someone says they bought a 2 carat diamond, people can't believe it. In fact, the cut, color and clarity of a diamond are just as important to a diamond's value as its weight. A poorly cut, yellowish, flawed 2-carat diamond is worth much less than a perfectly cut, clear and pure diamond. Therefore, the weight of the diamond is not the main factor in determining the value of the diamond. The weight of a diamond still affects its value. It's important to find out if the diamond's weight as told by your jeweler is accurate. So ask your jeweler to weigh the diamond on the spot at the time of purchase, and if the jeweler is reluctant to do so, go elsewhere.


Inlay is also a very important part. A bad setting will cause a lot of trouble and it can cause the diamond to fall off. Therefore, when buying a diamond ring, be sure to check whether the bracket is firm and whether it is thick enough where it meets the diamond.


There are more and more ring styles on the market, and jewelry designers are constantly innovating. But the more classic styles are round, oval, pearl and square. The shape of a diamond generally does not affect value or quality. Rather, it reflects the beauty of the diamond and its original shape prior to cutting.

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