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The jewelry factory tells you, which one is better for titanium steel jewelry and hardware jewelry

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-08-26
The jewelry factory tells you, which one is better for titanium steel jewelry and hardware jewelry
KEKE jewelry factory has been focusing on jewelry processing for 10 years. Today, I will tell you from the process of jewelry processing. Compared with metal jewelry, which jewelry has better color retention.

The surface treatment process in the processing of titanium steel jewelry adopts vacuum electroplating coating, which combines the molecules of the electroplating material layer with the stainless steel molecules. With a K-gold film layer, the color retention is more durable, and the color retention can be more than half a year.

The hardware jewelry is processed by water plating, and the luster is bright. The advantage of this coating is high efficiency, and the color retention time is not as long as vacuum plating. After buying hardware jewelry, many people wear it for less than 2 months and then lose color and fall into a very embarrassing atmosphere, but titanium steel jewelry can stand out.

Therefore, in terms of color retention, titanium steel jewelry is better than hardware jewelry. KEKE jewelry factory feels that the vacuum plating process also has a fly in the ointment, because there are restrictions on the color of electroplating, such as K gold, rose gold, black, gun color and other colors can be electroplated, but colors such as color and blue cannot be electroplated. It is worth mentioning that when titanium steel jewelry is not plated with other colors, but its own steel color, it will not fade.

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