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Precautions for buying gold jewelry from jewelry processing factories

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-09-13
Precautions for buying gold jewelry from jewelry processing factories
Now that gold is cheap, many friends will buy some for themselves, or give it to their relatives, or invest to preserve its value, but what are the precautions when buying gold from a jewelry processing factory?

1. It is best to buy during large-scale events. There must be corresponding discounts in shopping malls.

2. It is best to buy pure gold, which has better value preservation.

3. It is best to buy big brands, such as Chow Tai Fook, Lao Feng Xiang, Lao Miao, etc. First, the quality is guaranteed. Although small brands are cheap, the handling fee will be more expensive to realize in the future.

4. If you buy a necklace or bracelet, make sure that the connection buckle is strong enough. In many cases of loss, there is a problem with the interface.

5. The gold jewelry in the jewelry processing factory contains a relatively high processing fee, generally 30-50 per gram. If your purpose is pure investment, it is recommended to buy investment gold bars. Banks and gold stores sell them, and there are better ones. Value preservation performance.

6. If you are purely investing in value preservation, you can also buy paper gold with less handling fees and safer custody.

Hope it helps with your purchase

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