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How to protect stainless steel jewelry designs?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-09-06
How to protect stainless steel jewelry designs? KEKE Jewelry Factory
If we design a stainless steel jewelry ourselves, how should we protect the stainless steel jewelry design from being used by others? The author of KEKE Jewelry Factory believes that what every brand should know and do is to apply for a patent.

Generally, to protect the design of stainless steel jewelry, you can protect your own design and maintain your reasonable rights and interests by applying for a patent. Our KEKE jewelry factory has produced countless brands of jewelry. After they are designed, if they need to be processed and customized in batches, they will apply for appearance patent protection before sales. In this way, after a jewelry brand releases a new product, if someone plagiarizes the design, they can defend their rights through litigation. If there is no patent protection, they cannot maintain their own design.

So how should we apply for the protection of stainless steel jewelry designs? Generally, you can apply online. You can log in to the China Patent Electronic Application Network under the State Intellectual Property Office. You can provide the corresponding materials according to your needs. I hope everyone can understand how to protect the jewelry styles you designed and other items that need to apply for patents. It works the same way.

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