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How to maintain titanium steel ring?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-08-20
How to maintain titanium steel ring? KEKE jewelry factory
Titanium steel jewelry is very simple to maintain, just wipe it with a fine cotton cloth to keep it shiny. If there is any dirt on the surface, you can use lukewarm water and a fine cotton cloth dipped in a neutral lotion to gently clean it, and then dry it after cleaning.

Titanium steel has the characteristics of stable white luster, non-allergic, hard and non-deformation, and non-fading. It is the hardest metal material in jewelry at present, so as to show the precious value after several refining.

The jewelry made of titanium steel has good corrosion resistance and heat resistance, and its hardness is higher than that of silver, which is suitable for processing simple styles without deformation. The most important thing when wearing it is to prevent the jewelry from being scratched by sharp objects and destroy its surface smoothness.

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