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he made drake a diamond-coated owl. then he made the warriors’ reversible championship rings.

by:Keke Jewelry     2020-05-04
The 2018 championship rings of the Golden State Warriors have a stiff texture on both sides, just like they were swept by a steel broom.
The top is a perfect circle to match the footprint of the Oracle Arena, a loyal home for the Warriors and where they leave after the end of the season.
The surface of the ring is reversible.
Diamond on one side and Sapphire on the other
This is innovative and technically challenging enough for the champion ring.
But it also has 74 diamonds and 74 sapphire, and on the road to the recent NBA championship in Golden State, there is one for every win.
The rings fell from the ceiling to the wires on the floor at the awards ceremony on Tuesday night, so spectacular --the-
Even top members of the team
His 2017 champion ring has more diamonds than any champion ring in the history of American sports. stood slack-jawed.
Designer Jason Arasheben says there is no rule in the world of custom jewelry, he is more known as Jason of Beverly Hills.
Of the last nine NBA championship rings, he also designed four.
His clients include Madonna, Rihanna, Justin Bieber and Jason derot.
Drake commissioned 100
The Karat owl pendant is larger than the hands of Arasheben and is made entirely of gold and diamonds.
So when it comes to making a champion ring, especially when this guy makes a champion ring, every design element, every trading trick, every symbol is on the table.
Arasheben said: \"When I design the work, I really always try to say to myself, \'What do I want to say? \'?
What am I trying to communicate with this particular part?
In this case, the unfathomable wealth could be the first thing, considering Curry, Durant, Thompson\'s \"death squad\", which is appropriate for Golden State, green and igodala.
Arasheben says the next step is the importance of this occasion.
Not only did the Warriors sweep LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.
They did it to win back. to-back titles.
They are only 13 teams that have done this feat.
But perhaps the most important thing, he says, is that the creativity and talent of the Warriors are shown on the field.
Golden State beat the team in good condition
Balanced scoring attack and dazzling ball movement.
At every angle, their champion jewelry reflects this attitude with hidden nuances, even inside the ring.
Unscrew the top and engrave it on gold is the slogan of the team, \"Power on numbers \".
\"People will judge a ring based on how many diamonds, weights or charm effects it has,\" Arasheben said . \".
\"But the reason this ring is special is because of how it is assembled, and how our people are able to create a system that allows people to change the ring without a ring, smart and cheap or loose
\"Most of the Rings designed by Arasheben are four or five pieces, covered with jewelry and precious metals.
The Golden State ring is close to 20 pieces, including ball bearings and completely removable diamonds --and sapphire-crusted face.
He asked everyone in the Warriors for design advice, although most of them came from players who texted ideas during the offseason.
After designing the 2017 ring and making the work for some of Golden State\'s stars, he already knows the overall taste of the team.
\"I know these people,\" he said . \"
\"I know these people when they are not in court.
I went out on the field with Kevin Durant.
I was hanging out with Drummond green inside and outside the stadium.
I know what kind of personality these people have, so I try to design something that attracts them.
\"As a jeweler, there is still a long way to go from the unlucky start of Arasheben.
As an undergraduate at the University of California, Los Angeles, stuck in credit card debt, he took the last $400 from the bank, bought dozens of trinkets for hairpins and necklaces and bracelets, and then set up a table, sold to girls on campus.
Business started.
In his senior year, he built a similar business at six Southern California universities.
He tried after graduation.
End jewelry design, squeeze into nightclubs and charity events, pester celebrities to see his designs.
New York Knicks striker Anthony Mason is his first big forward. time client.
He bought a bracelet for $40,000 and then introduced him to his teammates and friends in the league.
\"I\'m going to get close to some basketball players, and I want to do business with Dwyane Wade, and they say, no, it finally gives me a chance . \"
He designed the ring Wade used when he proposed to Gabrielle Union.
Hollywood stars soon noticed.
For years, Allas Hepburn has pleaded with Jessica Alba for him to design a piece for the red carpet look, but she has refused him.
He finally designed her engagement ring.
On Tuesday night, the Warriors were warm in white-
The \"champion\" jacket with the gold script on the back.
The public-speaking announcer cited the statistical achievements of unheard-of dominance in NBA history.
Arasheben sat on the sidelines watching it all.
The message is clear: The Warriors are the best and their new rings are the best.
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