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Foshan KEKE Jewelry Processing Factory Jewelry Electroplating Color Preservation Advantages

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-09-11

Foshan KEKE Jewelry Processing Factory Jewelry Electroplating Color Preservation Advantages

There is an electroplating process in the jewelry processing factory, which includes water barrel plating and vacuum nano-ion plating. There are different demands in the diversified market, which will ultimately depend on whether the jewelry products are oriented to the high-end and low-end markets. .

In addition to the novel style of stainless steel jewelry, there is another issue that consumers are more concerned about, that is, the color retention time of the electroplated film on the surface. When merchants consult jewelry processing factories, they will always ask 'can the color retention be achieved for about 3 years, or longer'!

Foshan Jewelry Processing Factory

In fact, we will visit the market in which region the customer is facing, Asia or Europe and other continents, and then give appropriate proposals based on the behavior habits of local consumers and the 8-year processing experience of KEKE jewelry processing factory.

Human sweat is a serious factor that damages the electroplating film of jewelry. Compared with Asians, Europeans will be more acidic in the industry. In the face of European market customers, we usually recommend vacuum plating a slightly thicker film, generally around 0.1 m or more.

Foshan KEKE Jewelry Processing Factory

Foshan KEKE Jewelry Processing Factory provides vacuum electroplating rose gold, 18K gold, 14K gold, black, dark gray, white gold and other color films, integrates local strength vacuum electroplating factories for joint processing and manufacturing, and provides personalized electroplating solutions on demand, which can pass ROHS testing Report, for more plating film problems, please consult sales customer service.

Foshan KEKE jewelry processing factory, 8 years of focus on stainless steel jewelry OEM/ODM cooperation, 1200 square meters of jewelry processing factory, daily volume up to 12000 pieces!

Focus on serving major jewelry flat shooting, enterprises and institutions customized commemorative, commercial gifts and other stainless steel jewelry!

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