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designers collaborate on costume jewelry line

by:Keke Jewelry     2020-05-24
When fashion legend Diana Freeland agrees to design jewelry, no one will expect the result to be dignified.
At the very least, Houston jewellery designer Lester latterridge is licensed to sell the Vreeland collection.
His famous all in Vreeland-
Red living room in New York.
\"I\'m sitting on the red sofa.
She is on the left, sitting in a red chair, \"latric recalls the design meeting that led to what he could only call a\" bigger than life \"costume jewelry line.
It\'s romantic, bold.
\"Just like yesterday, today and tomorrow,\" he said excitedly.
Specifically, Ritchie tagged Vreeland\'s jewelry (
From $100 to thousands of dollars)
A \"bridge\" series, which means it bridges the gap between precious and costume.
The series includes synthetic gemstones, faux pearls, cubic zirconia and vermeil (
Gold dipped Sterling Silver)
It includes semi-precious stones such as purple crystal, coral, toparstone and tourmaline.
Gorgeous Art Deco style
Ritchie said the inspired work was made to meet \"the huge demand for extremely fine costume jewelry around the world,\" and he found several bags of dazzling trinkets in recent Los Angeles. A. visit.
\"Is the customer a lady who already has the real goods, or a lady who is eager to have the real goods.
\"In addition to borrowing her name, Vreeland is\" very interested in the tiniest details \", although he admits that some design ideas are his.
In addition, the Vreeland collection also includes a small group of authentic jewelry, \"for people who really collect it,\" he said.
Ritchie sells his other items through the Leicester Ritchie collection and totsey\'s boutique in Houston, and he offers the Vreeland collection through special orders on Saks Fifth Avenue.
In addition, he promised that Vreeland baubles would not be the last to have a celebrity mark.
\"There is a princess on the wings,\" he said mysteriously, \"and one of the top female fashion designers.
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