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Beautiful Packaging Ideas for Homemade Chocolates

by:Keke Jewelry     2019-09-13
On Valentine\'s Day or any special day of the year, hand-made candy is a lovely gift for that special person in your life.Presented in beautiful packaging, push the \"wow\" factor to the edge.Here are 3 DIY ideas for designing and decorating your own gift box.
While Cardboard works well, keep in mind that wooden cases are ideal as they can be reused for other gifts or souvenirs...As long as you love yourself, it will last.And paper tape box: monthly roll and paper tape;scissors;box.
A needle or stylus;Embroidery thread and needle;scissors;Heart-Shaped Box.Box of painted beads: beads;hot glue gun;Compartment;Craft paint and paint brushes (nail polish or edible pigments can also be used ).Cover the top of the box with different rowsTape with pattern, docking horizontally.
Use another piece of tape and carefully tape the side of the lid of the box.Start all the tape in the same corner of the box, and wrap each tape horizontally around the box.Overlap each row of tape by 1/4, and then cut the tape with straight wire to keep the edges clean and tidy.
The box was ready and took only a few minutes to decorate.Using the PIN tool, make an equal distance hole of 1/4 from the side, with an interval of 1/4.A square gem was used as a guide for spacing.
From the back, pull it to the front and weave horizontally between the holes.Continue to stitch the box horizontally, end the stitch on the back, and then tie the knot on the back inside the box.Using another color line, stitch vertically between the top and bottom of the heart, moving from the center line to both sides.
Do several layers of vertical and horizontal stitching if needed.The heart of the embroidery takes more time than the heart of the Tivi tape, but the result is a fascinating combination of fiber and wood.Use your first paint color to paint the top of the box.
I use nail polish (longer drying time is required), although craft paint and even food coloring can color the box.Since this is a transparent box, it is a good feeling to finish the interior at the top.Follow the upper lip inside with towel tape and trim with scissors to keep the edges clean.
Paint the bottom of the box.
Add a line of hot glue to the top of the box and press the beads.The pearl color box is a quick item that does not require much supplies and only takes a little time.Use your imagination to come up with other variants of these simple boxes to cater to the taste of the receiver.
Have fun!.
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