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bamboo for art

by:Keke Jewelry     2019-09-04
Bamboo is an ideal material for shaping artwork and home decoration.
Nearly 230 different types of bamboo have been found in western and southern Indian states.
The robust members of this grass family can be shaped into a variety of objects for use and decoration.
It is even perfectly combined with materials such as terracotta warriors, coconut shells, metals and stones, infinitely enhancing the possibility of imagining new shapes, forms and uses.
Bamboo is considered a sustainable material and an ideal alternative to wood.
It is an effective carbon sink that releases more oxygen than other plants and trees.
It produces a large amount of biomass that is used in the paper industry and in the production of biogas.
The trees that produce wood take decades to reach the maximum growth rate, and it takes years to extract the wood from it.
But bamboo is easy to grow and can reach a height of 60 feet and a circumference of 8 to 12 inch in five years.
It can be cut into thin strips, which is ideal for various purposes.
The latest technology, like hot pressing, allows bamboo mats to replace plywood and flooringboards.
These plates can even be used as roofing materials through chemical treatment and corrugated treatment.
They are said to be better in strength and life than iron sheets.
They can better guard against rain and reduce the bad sunshine. C.
Surendranath, arts and crafts coordinator, Wayanad Uravu Indigenous Science and Technology Research Center (Kerala)
He said that there is not much focus on developing bamboo varieties that can be deployed in buildings and furniture because wood and steel are not bent, so there is a traditional advantage over bamboo.
He said, \"for example, the melon variety bamboo, which is mainly grown in Colombia, is the strongest and largest bamboo. It can grow ramrod directly and can make pillars instead of steel or wood, and beam seeds.
\"But he suggested that initiatives must be taken at the official level to import their seedlings or saplings and to study their adaptability to Indian conditions.
According to him, Balcooa, a native species of Indian bamboo, has some common features with melon, but requires a lot of research and breeding.
However, the main area of concern for Uravu is the processing of bamboo, providing skills training and establishing micro-
Numerous enterprises producing bamboo products for use and art.
Nearly 150 women from marginalized communities are being trained at the Uravu training center in Thrikkaipetta, Wayanad district, who make bamboo blinds for Windows, table mats, pens
Gift Box, bamboo, cup holder, lampshade, gift box
Jute folders, various flower bouquets, bags of fame and fortune, murals, key holders, wicker baskets and other items.
But the future of bamboo is more than practical.
It is becoming an ideal material for art.
Chief designer of Uravu CP.
In the past 13 years, Lenin has explored the great possibilities of this field.
Lenin made a large number of lampshades, using bamboo strips, which were given a curve shape with the help of the torch.
The stripes taken out of tender bamboo are soft enough to be turned into any shape by heating, Lenin said.
Lenin mainly seeks inspiration from natural elements such as fire, air and water. He shapes bamboo strips into fish, jumping flames, conch shells, flutes, etc.
Even the bamboo internodes were used by him to spawn a cluster of floating lotus flowers.
When it comes to murals, Lenin combines relief on kumizh wood, a highly plastic wood variety suitable for fine carving.
He even used coconut shells to relieve the pressure.
Lenin says bamboo is flexible enough to carve or pleat.
Wires can also be extracted from bamboo, which can be used to prepare fine grids.
Lenin\'s rich imagination transformed these grids, strips, lines, or simple rings and reeds into countless ornaments, from buds and flowers to jumping tongues of fire to fossil bones of fish. (
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