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Titanium steel jewelry processing factory tells you the application of welding technology in titanium steel jewelry

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-10-19
Titanium steel jewelry processing factory tells you the application of welding technology in titanium steel jewelry

When making the same titanium steel jewelry, the staff needs to use a variety of processes to make it, and some processes are very important, so what is the importance of welding technology in the jewelry industry? Let's let the titanium steel jewelry processing factory - KeKe Jewelry jewelry tell us about it!

1. The welding between the active interfaces is mainly like the connection between necklaces and bracelets. The connection between these active joints requires manual assembly and welding to be able to move.

2. Products with diverse structures are common in some products with complex shapes and double layers or hollows. Such products have complex structures and cannot be produced by casting alone. They need to be divided into pieces and then welded together.

3. The combination of various materials is like the need for accessories of different materials in different positions of the same product. can be assembled by welding.

4. Some ornaments formed by direct welding are commonly used in the processing of some titanium steel jewelry, and the chains are directly welded into various shapes of jewelry. At present, the most common direct welding jewelry is some claw chain jewelry. This kind of chain is clipped with diamonds, and it can be welded directly. It can become a finished product without the assistance of other materials.

The above is what KeKe Jewelry, a titanium steel jewelry processing factory, introduced to you about the importance of welding technology in the titanium steel jewelry industry. I hope it can help you. If you have any other questions, you can come to consult!

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