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Titanium steel jewelry processing factory teaches you how to match jewelry to look young and fashionable

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-10-18
Titanium steel jewelry processing factory teaches you how to match jewelry to look young and fashionable

Wearing the right jewelry can bring out the beauty of girls even more. Cleverly matching jewelry can have the effect of cleverly changing the appearance of clothing.

Jewelry styles vary in length, material color and design style, and clever matching can also increase the dynamic and rhythmic beauty of clothing. Today, KeKe Jewelry will talk to you about the matching of three types of jewelry.

1. Ancient and typical jewelry: orthodox, delicate and noble, suitable for urban women with a straight face and elegant temperament.

Pearl necklaces close to the neck, button earrings the size of a penny, etc. can match the traditional high-quality, straight-cut clothing, which can fully reflect the traditional ladylike demeanor.

2. Natural jewelry: generous and natural, using leaves and other shapes to make pins and pendants, suitable for tall, athletic people.

Natural style people's dress should strive for simple lines, simple and generous, without leaving traces of luxurious design. The overall style is casual and chic. Show a traditional ladylike demeanor.

Third, dramatic jewelry: bold, exaggerated, strong presence, personality, suitable for tall, angular face, eye-catching people wherever they go.

The dress and accessories design of dramatic people should have a strong sense of the times and fashion, suitable for decorative accessories such as bold earrings, strings of bracelets, and large rings.

Jewelry matching plays a very important role in the fashion circle. If it is well matched, it will look fashionable, young and beautiful, and if it is not well matched, it will look old-fashioned.

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