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The price of OEM stainless steel jewelry?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-09-11
The price of OEM stainless steel jewelry? KEKE Jewelry Factory
Stainless steel jewelry is loved by the public for its beautiful and stylish appearance and sturdy surface. If I want to find a factory for OEM stainless steel jewelry, what is the price of the OEM jewelry? What are the costs of the OEM? KEKE jewelry factory tells you.

Stainless steel jewelry is mainly made of stainless steel. In recent years, with the increase in the price of raw materials, the cost of stainless steel jewelry is also increasing, but it is basically controlled within a reasonable range. So what are the costs? The main costs are cost, proofing, labor, design, etc. There is no need to worry about these. Generally, factories will directly give proofing fees and bulk prices, including and then directly OEM finished products.

So how is the cost of stainless steel jewelry OEM charged? The design provided by the customer or the desired effect of the finished product is different, the OEM process and processing technology of the jewelry factory will be different, and the cost will naturally be different. The factory directly quotes the price of the finished product. If it is difficult to estimate the cost, it can be reported more accurately through proofing. The fees charged are mainly OEM fees and proofing fees.

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