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The harm of titanium steel necklace to human body

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-08-17
The harm of titanium steel necklace to human body KEKE jewelry factory
Titanium steel necklace is a more fashionable decoration nowadays. This kind of necklace is not easy to suffer from the change of working temperature and change its shape, which will become more and more stable and long-lasting, and can be made into many favorite looks and styles. , but you can't wear it for a long time, it may make your skin less and less as smooth as before, and it is very easy to be scratched when wearing it, so you must be very concerned about it.

Titanium steel jewelry has gradually become popular in recent years. It has high corrosion resistance and heat resistance, and the surface is not easy to change due to the natural environment. Long-term wear can maintain gloss and smoothness. In addition, the metallic texture of titanium alloy is very close to the gloss of platinum, which is both elegant and technological. The maintenance and cleaning of titanium steel jewelry is also very easy. It is not in a strong alkaline environment, and there is no need for deliberate maintenance at all. Easy and casual. Decorations made of titanium alloy have excellent corrosion resistance and temperature resistance, and their strength is higher than that of Jiayuguan City. The most important thing when wearing it is to prevent the decoration from being scratched by sharp objects and destroy the gloss of its surface.

In response to the relief of the net weight of the extract after wearing the 'titanium collar' and 'titanium bracelet', Dr. Jiang Jianjun emphasized that this is probably a form of self-suggestion. At this stage, the effective way to treat cervical spondylosis is still cervical traction acupuncture physiotherapy, acupuncture massage and medicine, surgical treatment, etc., just wearing a necklace or bracelet can not achieve the effect of traction belt and acupuncture physiotherapy. To prevent cervical spondylosis, office workers have to start by changing their long-term poor working posture. The 'Fateng' titanium necklace is just a fashionable decoration.

Because of the above characteristics of titanium, its unique dark gray tone has a very good main performance whether it is highly polished, satin fabric, or matte. It is the best jewelry metal material except precious metals platinum and gold. It is often used in the design of contemporary accessories abroad and is an internationally fashionable material for accessories. As for the style design, the simple and clean laser cutting, the high-width ratio design and the unobtrusive trendy design style are deeply favored by young office workers. However, due to the high technical standards of titanium production and processing, it is difficult to cast and form it with general machinery and equipment, and it is very difficult to weld it with general special tools, so it is difficult to produce a production and operation scale. Therefore, it is difficult to see its traces in the Chinese jewelry sales market.

There are many so-called titanium alloy jewelry in China. The raw material used is not titanium, but stainless steel plate. It is called titanium alloy for attractiveness, and some even call it titanium metal jewelry, but it is not actually titanium-containing stainless steel plate jewelry.

Among them, the most common raw material for stainless steel plate jewelry called titanium alloy is 316L stainless steel plate, and some manufacturers call it 316L national standard titanium.

In fact, 316L is a kind of stainless steel plate serial number, which is obtained by reducing the carbon content of 316 stainless steel plate again. Compared with ordinary stainless steel plate, it is more expensive.

It has strong corrosion resistance and is suitable for skin to touch decorations. The main components are Fe, Cr, Ni, Mo, and there is no titanium at all.

But it can hardly deform and fade for a long time. Among the common stainless steel plates, 316L steel called 'titanium alloy' is the most suitable for jewelry.

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