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by:Keke Jewelry     2022-10-06

At present, with the rapid rise of international gold and silver prices, the prices of gold and silver jewelry products continue to rise, which provides a good development space for fashion jewelry enterprises mainly based on stainless steel jewelry. Fashion jewelry is widely sought after by fashion people with its relatively low price, excellent creative design and changeable style.

According to the organizer, this year's


There is a special stainless steel exhibition area in the world. Compared to previous years, the overall area occupied by many stainless steel jewelry exhibitors has grown considerably. Many stainless steel companies have won more than 4 booths in one go.

At this time, the advantages of the pendant are displayed in the crowd. A type of jewelry, worn around the neck, mostly made of metal.


Especially stainless steel, there are also agate, shell, gold leaf, carbon fiber, zircon and other materials. , mainly used to pray for peace, peace of mind and beauty, to further enhance the value of the product.


sex, loved by consumers.

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