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list of metro manila cities where plastic ban is implemented

by:Keke Jewelry     2019-10-17
As Filipinos face difficulties in how to live a plastic-free life, people are still confused about the lives actually allowed in their respective cities.
Crossing the city line is part of our daily commute or school.
The center provides a list of cities that implement the plastic ban, what the policy includes and when it will be launched.
For more information on the terms used below, please visit the plastic ban in the Philippines.
Muntinlupa plastic BanThe was the first LGU in Manila to ban plastic since January 1, 2011.
According to its regulations 10-
109. all commercial establishments are prohibited from using, providing and selling plastic bags as primary or secondary packaging materials for dry and wet goods.
The regulation also includes polystyrene foam that is commonly used as a container for fast food chains.
Does this city follow? plastic policy.
Since its implementation, 1,400 agencies have issued tickets, and seven have violated the rules at least four times, facing business closures.
Violators were fined P500, P1, 000 and P2, 500 respectively.
The imprisonment, suspension or cancellation of a business permit is at the discretion of the court.
Government officials are currently looking at ways to further improve the regulation by adding more fines or rewards to increase compliance rates.
As Manila\'s first city to impose a plastic ban, it triggered a domino effect on other LGU.
Las Pinas plastic bank passed Decree No. with its neighbor Las Pinas1036-
Effective January 2, 2012, 11.
The regulations prohibit all commercial institutions in the city from using plastic bags when purchasing goods.
Polystyrene foam is also prohibited (or styrofoams)
It is usually used as a container for fast food, agricultural products and other products.
No plastic bags shall be provided or sold as containers or packaging materials by all commercial organizations.
With the development of the cityplastic policy. Anti-
Plastic police often patrol the community to ensure that plastic and foam plastics are not used as packaging materials for goods.
Penalty range from P1, 000-
For those who violate the rules, P5, 000 is sentenced to 6-
He was imprisoned for one month for subsequent violations and his business license was revoked for one year.
So far, plastic and plastic waste collected from the city has decreased by 4%.
It is hoped that the plastic ban will reduce waste more in a longer period of time.
Pasig plastic bank since the approval of regulation 09-09
2010 on last June, 2010, the city of Pasig has been enforcing a plastic banby-
Gradually implemented over a period of two years, the regulation has been fully followed since January 1, 2012.
The regulations expressly prohibit the use of dry plastic bags of any form and provide for the use of wet plastic bags.
It also prohibits the use of foam plastic as a food container.
The LGU of Quezon City passed two regulations, SP-2140 and SP-
April 21 last year 03,2012.
Because the estimated volume is 719 m³ or 45 10-
Wheeler collects plastic bags filled with garbage every day, and the plastic bag reduction regulations are designed to effectively regulate the use of plastic bags in the city.
From September 1, 2012, SP-
2140 The regulations provide for the use of plastic bans and for environmental costs for the use of plastic bans.
The fixed cost is p2.
Regardless of size, £ 00 per bag, the fees charged will be donated to the \"green fund\" to fund the various environmental initiatives that the agency will implement in the future. The SP-
On the other hand, regulation 2103 stipulates that signs must be posted by all commercial organizations to encourage customers to bring their own luggage.
This is done further by adding a points system for their purchases and having dedicated green lanes for them to check out quickly.
Since this is not completely forbidden, the only plastic bags allowed are plastic bags with a thickness of more than 15 microns.
Because of its durability, this should encourage you to reuse plastic bags instead of throwing them away immediately.
Also exempt from the ban is the use of clear plastic bags with no handles, holes or ropes, which you usually use to pack fresh produce and cooked food, also known as \"plastic labels \".
This is the thinnest plastic produced locally in China.
However, the supplier is not allowed to pack your purchase with this thin plastic, otherwise there will be a risk of being fined.
Institutions found to be in violation of the regulations were fined P1, 000 for the first offence, P3, 000 for the second offence, P5, 000 for the third offence or for the revocation of their business license.
Pasay plastic bank from September 1, 2012
4647 it is forbidden to use non-compressed plastic delivery bags in all stores including wet markets.
All stores in the city shall provide or provide to customers from the point of sale recyclable paper bags, reusable bags or packaged plastic bags for the delivery of goods or other materials.
The regulation allows business owners to charge a reasonable fee for recyclable or reusable bags they provide to their customers.
While it is not forbidden to bring your own bags to the store, business organizations are not allowed to give customers rebates.
Violators will be warned of their first crime, fined P1, 000-
P3, 000 successful crimes
Further violations will result in the closure or cancellation of their business licenses.
City Ordinance, June 20, 20132003-
Implemented by the plastics monitoring task force, 095 the use, sale and distribution of plastics and other non-biodegradable items such as foam plastics are prohibited.
In view of the transition period that the city has received (
More than nine years)
Under these regulations, there is no expectation that there will be any problems with commercial institutions and individual suppliers.
Violators will face fines of P1, 000 or imprisonment of between 5 and 30 days, while agencies will be fined P5, 000.
Owners of the above-mentioned institutions may also be imprisoned for one month to one year.
While other cities in Manila have passed regulations on the use of plastic bags in their respective cities, they have given businesses and individuals some room for preparation.
Business organizations and individuals have enough time to adapt to the idea that there is no plastic in the future.
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