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Jewelry manufacturers talk about several inlay methods for jewelry processing

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-10-09

Jewelry manufacturers talk about several inlay methods for jewelry processing

For some customers, they may only know the jewelry product, but not its processing method. What kind of method is used to make it? The same exquisite jewelry, presumably its processing method is also very complicated, so what are the several jewelry processing and inlay methods? The following KeKe Jewelry jewelry will tell you about it.

Jewelry inlay is to firmly connect gems and metals together, which are also divided into several types, common ones are claw inlay, bezel inlay, forced inlay, stud inlay, mixed inlay, etc.

First of all, let’s talk about the claw setting. This setting method is mainly suitable for the faceted main stone of the particle comparison. This setting method is hollow and bottomless, with obvious light transmission, small amount of gold, convenient processing, and very strict requirements on the size of the gemstone. The welding port is relatively large, so it is best not to add a foil to cover the welding port when designing. Claw inlays include two-claw, three-claw, four-claw, etc., which are convenient to set, but are less firm than bezel settings.

So what is bezel setting? The bezel setting is firm and suitable for hard-to-grip cabochons or accompanying stones, including full and semi-bezel settings, but bezel settings require that the stone shape fits well with the setting and is difficult to modify.

Push-setting and stud-setting are mainly used for small stones, and push-setting is mostly used for group setting of small ashlars, while stud-setting is mainly used for small round stones, including horse eye nails, plum blossom nails, etc.

Mixed inlays may be easier for everyone to imagine, that is, the combination of various inlay methods, this inlaid method not only does not give people a feeling of confusion, but also can combine large stones and small stones harmoniously, and can flexibly handle high and low positions. of various curvatures.

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