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how to repair costume jewelry

by:Keke Jewelry     2020-05-23
Whether you buy clothing jewelry for your own collection, investment or resale, it\'s important to know when to fix damaged or lost stones and when to walk away.
Whether you are going to wear it or you are going to sell it \"as is\", it will be decided to fix its wisdom.
If you are going to fix the piece and then sell it, be sure to take into account the cost of the repair to see if it is worth it.
If you have a piece of clothing jewelry you want to wear, but have loose or lost stones, or have other condition problems, what is the best way to fix it, so you can enjoy wearing it safely?
I find that some problems are easy to solve, some require more time, patience and money, and some can benefit from the attention of professionals.
You should invest in something if you want to repair the jewelry yourself.
If you don\'t already have a jeweler\'s magnifying glass or magnifying glass, you should buy one.
I have two on my desk-one on my desk and the other in my wallet, so I always have a convenience whether I work from home or go shopping.
Another convenient magnifying glass is the magnifying glass that is worn on your head, allowing your hands to move freely.
The most common problem I see in clothing jewelry is stone-rhinestones, crystals, glass or plastic, they may come out of their settings, loose, cracked or dull.
The old pieces can be solidified with already dry glue to allow the stone to fall off.
It is important to use the right adhesive and not use too much.
Krazy Glue or Super glue is not recommended because it may break down when it is attached to the glass.
Super glue can be especially harmful to antiques
If the film reacts to old metals and plating, it may develop.
It\'s hard to remove if you put it on the surface of the stone.
Do not use hot glue
It can expand and shrink as the temperature changes and may break the jewelry or loosen the stone.
The best adhesive is the adhesive specially designed for jewelry and can be found on the craft shop and the jewelry supply website.
Be careful not to use too much glue when replacing stone.
The glue will not dry properly and the adhesive will flow out around the stone and on the metal.
I dip a small pool of glue with a toothpick, drop a minute of glue into the settings, drop a drop at a time, and use as little as possible.
Putting the stone back in the background is a delicate process-you can wet the tip of your finger to make the stone stick and then carefully put it into the background.
Save your old broken jewelry or any unparalleled earrings on their stones.
You may find debris at flea markets, yard sales and antique shops.
It\'s hard to match the missing stone exactly, but there may be the right size and color if you collect some orphan work.
You can also visit the jewelry suppliers of stones.
Keep in mind that if the item is resold, the price should be counted no matter what repair you purchase.
One way to make the old jewelry look new is to redecorate.
Redecorating can be expensive and should only be done if you leave this dress for yourself to wear.
Just as renovating antique furniture reduces the value of antique jewelry, redecorating may reduce the value of antique jewelry.
Internet search should provide the name of the jewelry repairer in your area.
Now, what about the green stuff you sometimes see on vintage jewelry?
Some jewelry collectors simply pass on jewelry with green verdigris as it can indicate corrosion that cannot be cleaned up.
You can try to clean it with a cotton swab dipped in vinegar, but if the metal is heavily coated and degraded, you may need to gently slice the green off and be careful not to damage the metal below.
Wipe with a damp cloth and let it dry completely.
You can also try the same with ammonia.
Be careful not to immerse the jewelry in the liquid as the stone may be loose or discolored due to the water entering the environment.
Clothing and jewelry are used for wearing and enjoying.
Replacing the missing stones and clean metal will make your vintage jewelry shine, glow and wear for years.
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