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How to ensure the quality of titanium steel jewelry processing?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-08-13
How to ensure the quality of titanium steel jewelry processing? KEKE Jewelry
KEKE jewelry has been focusing on titanium steel jewelry processing for many years and has very rich experience in OEM processing. How to ensure the quality of titanium steel jewelry processing is something that jewelry factories should consider. After all, these are related to the quality of the finished jewelry after processing, representing the factory OEM strength and processing quality.

How to ensure the quality of titanium steel jewelry processing? Everything needs to start from the source, and the same is true for jewelry processing. The source of our jewelry processing starts from design. Many people think it is just a simple design, but this is not the case. Whether it is the design provided by the customer or our own design, the design stage is not only about drawings, but also requires us to communicate and discuss. No matter how good the design is, it needs to be combined with the craftsmanship. It is the truth that can be restored, and there are many kinds of craftsmanship. We will also consider the pros and cons, cost and efficiency of them. This is the beginning of a product and the beginning of the quality of the finished product.

After the titanium steel jewelry processing is completed in the design stage, our KEKE jewelry factory will conduct product proofing, and communicate and revise again according to the samples, to pave the way for the quality of the large goods in the future. Of course, in the sample production stage, we have completed the finalization of product raw materials and craftsmanship, which are the foundation of jewelry quality assurance. It can be said that the jewelry processing and proofing stage is the top priority, after all, it is related to the production of all bulk goods.

How to do quality assurance? In addition to the design and proofing stages, we have the last guarantee, which is the standardization of the production process. Through ERP production management, every step in the production process has quality control. If there is no problem, it will flow to the next step, and one link will follow the other, so that there will be no mistakes. Through the above steps, there is basically no problem with the quality assurance of titanium steel jewelry processing.

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