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How to choose titanium steel necklace according to age, body shape and face shape?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-08-17
How to choose titanium steel necklace according to age, body shape and face shape? KEKE Jewelry
Not any titanium steel necklace is suitable for everyone, we need to choose according to our age, body shape or face shape. So how to choose according to these, this is what KEKE jewelry needs to say below.

1. Choose titanium steel necklace according to your body type. Many people are confused about what style and how long we should choose when choosing a chain. Then it is right to choose according to the body shape. Generally, Asian women with medium body shape, height 160cm, and less than 120 pounds generally choose collar necklaces, short necklaces, and princess necklaces. In the case of a slightly fatter woman, weighing more than 120 pounds, it is generally recommended to choose a martini type necklace, opera type, and knotted rope type are more suitable.

2. Choose titanium steel necklaces according to your age. Titanium steel jewelry is fashionable and exquisite. Younger people can choose simple titanium steel necklaces, and middle-aged people can choose classic models, such as 18k titanium steel necklaces. This color is suitable for most people.

3. Choose titanium steel necklaces according to your face shape. For round faces, you can choose necklace pendants with irregular shapes. The length of the necklace is moderate. Square faces can be worn with long-chain titanium necklaces or stacked chains. The melon seed face is suitable for wearing with gemstones, which looks more attractive, and titanium steel jewelry can be customized if conditions permit.

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