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How should we maintain ear health?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-07-21
How should we maintain ear health? KEKE jewelry factory
With the popularity of stainless steel jewelry, many women now like to wear stainless steel earrings, and even some men have begun to wear them. However, if you wear it for a long time, you should pay attention to the cleaning of the earrings and the maintenance of the ears. Let's talk about how to maintain the health of the ears.

1. Don't always pick your ears. Many people think that earwax is the burden of the ear, but in fact it can protect the ear from external damage. The ear has a self-cleaning function and can use the ear canal to clean the remaining earwax. If you think your ears are somewhat blocked, it is best to still It is better to find an ENT professor for cleaning.

2. While wearing stainless steel earrings, you also need to pay attention to the damage of the environment and ultraviolet rays. The ears are damaged due to exposure to the external environment. In winter, the ears are frostbitten and require frequent moisturizing. When wearing stainless steel earrings in summer, sun protection measures for the ears are also very important, and appropriate sunscreen can be applied.

3. Headphone noise damages the ears. Many people like to listen to music with headphones. Although headphones are relatively easy to breed bacteria, the most damaging noise is still the noise. Too loud music can cause permanent damage to the eardrum. Therefore, KEKE jewelry processing factory recommends wearing it as little as possible. Headphones, if you really want to wear them, you can turn the volume down.

4. Some women have allergic reactions after piercing their ears. Many people need to pay attention to whether they will cause physical discomfort when wearing earrings. Although stainless steel is chemically classified as a lazy metal, wearing stainless steel jewelry will not cause allergies, but also beware of metals like nickel, because these metals often cause ear allergies and cause inflammation. This is why many people are allergic to earrings made of alloy materials.

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