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How long does it take to bulk custom titanium steel jewelry?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-07-20
How long does it take to bulk custom titanium steel jewelry? KEKE Jewelry Factory
Titanium steel jewelry has the characteristics of no discoloration, hard and no deformation, and beautiful luster. It can maintain luster and smoothness for a long time. With the development of the titanium steel jewelry market, many people want to customize titanium steel jewelry in batches, so how long does it take for mass customization?

KEKE jewelry factory has been focusing on customizing titanium steel jewelry for many years. The time required to customize titanium steel jewelry in batches mainly depends on the difficulty of realizing the jewelry, the complexity of the process and so on. Basically, from the design, the general design drawings are about three to seven days. Of course, various modifications will be made, including whether it meets the customer's requirements, whether the process can be realized, and the effect of the realization, etc. These are in It needs to be considered on the design drawings.

If there is no problem with the design, the titanium steel jewelry proofing will be carried out next, and the time is also about three to seven days. After the sample is confirmed, the production time of batch customized titanium steel jewelry is about fifteen to thirty days. Therefore, the time required for the customization of titanium steel jewelry is about 30 days, and the production can basically be completed. This time will vary according to the output of the factory.

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