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How fast is the style update of the jewelry factory?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-08-30
How fast is the style update of the jewelry factory? KEKE jewelry factory
The jewelry industry is very busy every day, because new styles are updated basically every day. This is an industry that keeps up with fashion trends. As the source of jewelry production, how is the style update speed of jewelry factories?

The style update speed of the jewelry factory is very fast. It takes time for each jewelry to go from design to proofing production. Therefore, the style can be updated every day, which means that there are new products in the design or proofing every day. There are many products that will be discontinued for various reasons, but they can still be updated every day, indicating that the update speed is extremely fast.

Take our KEKE jewelry processing factory as an example, there are at least a few new titanium steel jewelry styles every day, and more than 100 styles can be updated every month. For many who want to make their own jewelry brands or develop styles, we can provide a large number of samples for reference. , so as to solve the customer's style development problem, which can also be said to be the advantage of the jewelry factory, which is also the basis for cooperation with jewelry brands.

If you want to develop new jewelry products, please contact our KEKE jewelry processing factory, we are committed to providing customized jewelry processing services, supporting drawings and samples, low minimum orders and high quality, to meet all your jewelry needs!

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