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How do girls with different short hair match earrings?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-08-05
How do girls with different short hair match earrings? KEKE jewelry factory
Today's girls, not most of them have long hair, but prefer some short hair, which not only looks capable, but also has a special spirit, so what should you pay attention to in the process of matching earrings! Let the author of Shenzhen Jewelry Factory explain to us!

1. The length of the hair does not cover the ears. The shorter the hair of girls, the shorter they can be compared with boys. With short hair of this length, there is no need to worry about covering the earrings, so the choice of styles can also be more diverse.

The author recommends various styles of ear studs, which are delicate and small and will not be blocked. If you want a handsome style, choose a geometric style, and if you want a more feminine style, choose a style such as pearls and flowers.

2. The girl whose hair length has covered her ears is facing a very direct problem, her hair almost blocks the earrings.

In order to enhance the presence of earrings, the author recommends slightly larger, pendant-style earrings. Especially for girls who are accustomed to using short hair to cover their faces, don't ignore this, otherwise the earrings will be worn in vain.

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