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Flower language bracelet to help your constellation peach blossom

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-10-27

Aries zodiac sign

Sheep is warm, frank, generous and sincere, and has always been loved by everyone. They always give the impression of energy and passion. Attractive green apples, two butterflies fluttering with flowers, a bracelet exuding the vitality of sheep and goats, simple tight-fitting T-shirts and jeans, let the fresh temperament of Aries MM welcome 200% eyebrows!

Taurus zodiac sign

Niu Niu is steady, hard-working, intelligent, has no sense of urgency, and never indulges in passion. The gold-plated design of this natural turquoise with pearls is quite novel, and the scallop crescent at the joint is lovely and generous.


Come without a trace, go without a trace, distracted, keep walking, this is the light and changeable Gemini MM, Gemini is unrestrained and full of curiosity about the all-encompassing things in the outside world. Bright purple pineapples and sunflowers are intertwined in the symmetrical design, which is elegant, unique, imaginative, and wonderful. It just shows the intelligence and agility of Gemini MM. With a plaid skirt, it is really cute in the eyes of couples!


It is said that Cancer MM has a motherly love relationship. In fact, they are also full of innocence and innocence. The delicate and patient crab is too passive. Treating feelings is also conservative, dependent, paranoid. Strings of vibrant gold with bright red dew. It can very well appease the uneasy mood of the crabs and help the crabs better cope with the splendid life!

Leo constellation

The fearless Leo is the eternal queen of the zodiac signs, and their passionate guardian sign is the sun. Just like a chain tailored for them, the double-layered flower shape separated by red, yellow, blue, green and purple just represents the balance between inner passion and reason. With colorful spring and summer clothing, the noble will become the focus of attention.

Virgo Palace

Humility everywhere is a typical single character, with a romantic temperament that is not disturbed by the trend. Low-key is their strength and weakness. Pure white sandblasted metal chain, with tea orange diamond drop-shaped cut crystal, can adjust the deep aura of people everywhere, making them lively in a low-key, and then matched with a lady-style slim dress, a beautiful girl's The image appeared in his heart like this!


Libra MM is gentle and elegant, and has always had a good relationship with the opposite sex. Some summer flowers bloom on Libra MM's wrist, highlighting their romantic attitude to life and love desire. Such a charming bracelet, I really can't put it down. If you put on a pink dress, Libra's love style will be very exciting!


Femininity has never been separated from Scorpio MM. They exude a charming temperament and are so mysterious that people want to get close. The S flower bracelet reflects the designer's unique intentions. Looking at it, you can guess that the owner is a woman with a unique perspective on fashion, and the breakpoints are set with colorful rhinestones. A black and white loose-fitting off-the-shoulder top with skinny jeans and pointed-toe shoes creates a sexy and charming Scorpio beauty.


Cheerful, positive, free-spirited shooter MM, is a jumping thinker. A huge colorful rhinestone is set on a unique titanium bracelet, the wrist of shooter MM is shining brightly, and the brilliant laughter disturbs his heartstrings.

Capricornus. Compare CAPRICORNUS

Capricorn MM always gives the impression of seriousness and deep thinking. In fact, they are just introverts and like to shut themselves in an ivory tower. The flower-shaped bracelet is like a blooming flower, delicate and charming, and it is the hope of new life. The connection buckle of the antique rose makes the Capricorn MM full of exquisite femininity and a sense of belonging!


Aquarius MM, who constantly flashes strange ideas in his mind, is an avant-garde figure whose thinking ability is higher than instinct. The dark blue is inlaid in the square metal holder, which just brings out the wisdom of the beauty of the water bottle. The square and round style system can better show your inner essence. As for advice on matching bottles and clothes, others trust the bottle's own unique vision.

Pisces Palace

The quiet and gentle fish has always maintained an innocent and simple temperament. This elegant starfish bracelet in brilliant colors will give Libra MM inner stability and balance. If you can wear a white shirt and plaid pants with a waist, you are that elegant OL girl.

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