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To make stainless steel jewelry shiny, just a few simple steps

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-07-21
To make stainless steel jewelry shiny, just a few simple steps
The finish of the stainless steel jewelry we wear every day can also become dull over time. But many people don't know that due to the functional nature of the material, it only takes a few simple steps to restore the original tarnished stainless steel jewelry to its original state.

In fact, a large part of stainless steel jewelry is worn close to the body, so that the surface is stained with dirt, resulting in a decrease in gloss. It is easier to deal with this situation. The KEKE jewelry processing factory usually puts the jewelry into warm water, then adds some mild detergent for cleaning, then wipes it with a dry cloth and puts it in a dry place to restore the gloss. Slight degree can be directly wiped back and forth with a dry cotton cloth, and it will recover instantly.

If this can't be solved, see if the surface is worn, you can bring a fine abrasive to wipe it, which can act as a certain degree of polishing. It is also possible to re-process and polish stainless steel jewelry, but the cost is higher. If you don't want to tarnish your stainless steel jewelry, the best way to maintain the appearance of the jewelry is to maintain the appearance of the jewelry through maintenance, wipe the surface frequently, and keep the surface dry

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