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the making of a jewelry industry pioneer

by:Keke Jewelry     2020-04-11
When Jennifer Fisher was 8 years old, when her parents were traveling on weekends, she started the earrings company JJ Button Ears.
The adventure is one of the many businesses of the young girl, who previously had a Caterpillar barrette company and a splash paint fashion company that still showed signs of this in her childhood driveway.
These companies have stirred up a sense of bustle in Fisher.
Still, she never expected them to herald a day when they would become jewelry brands of the same name, loved by fashion leaders such as Beyonce and Rihanna.
\"My parents always tell me what kind of person you can be no matter what you want to be.
It gives me a strong sense of self and self-confidence as a child, \"she shared.
\"At the same time, my dad always said that not everything was solved.
When it\'s not there, you have to move on and try something new.
\"These two views are now the basis for continuing to drive Fisher to the forefront of business philosophy in the jewelry industry.
While she is widely recognized by her intuition to create a trend, the success of the brand also depends on her unique ability not only to adapt to change, but also to anticipate change before it happens.
She sat down with us and shared behind the scenes a survey of the power to turn a necklace into 13. year-
Empire of old jewelry
The birth of industry leaders.
Millions of seeds now.
The dollar business dates back to a dog tag necklace designed by Fisher to symbolize son Shane\'s birth.
After being diagnosed with a hard bone tumor at the age of 30 and receiving chemotherapy, she was advised to start her family life through surrogacy.
The current two surrogacy unfortunately ended with a miscarriage when her husband and she failed to try a test tube baby.
A few months later, they went through a miracle and became pregnant themselves.
Fisher is looking for a piece of jewelry to represent the size of Shane\'s birth, but it is difficult for him to find any jewelry that can accommodate his full name, and to find jewelry that matches her personal style.
Inspired by the charm bracelet she collected from her parents\' travels, she made a gold charm necklace with his name and birthday.
The necklace soon drew the attention of colleagues who began to make her custom.
One of the pieces was for Uma Thurman, who started the business by wearing it on the cover of charm catalytic Fisher in July 2006.
Although Fisher has become a costume designer, she has no experience in the jewelry industry.
She used the hustle and bustle that her startup father instilled in her to first break the barrier
In a complex and competitive industry, the founder of The Times.
\"When I grow up, if I want to buy something my dad told me to find a job.
\"So I lied about my age, got a job in a clothing store and ended up being their top sales person,\" she recalls . \".
\"Because I watched my dad do it, I was natural all the time.
\"This courage is crucial as Fisher starts his business, and as an industry outsider he is told\" no \"hundreds of times.
\"You have to be fearless and trust your intuition,\" she said . \"
\"From the very first necklace I created, people told me you couldn\'t make a charm necklace. Why not?
I turned off the noise and moved on because I believed it.
13 years later, the necklace is still one of the best sellers of the company.
Starting with the custom charm necklace by Naomi Watt and Reese Witherspoon, Fisher has been leading the industry since launching the brand.
While she follows the iconic charm necklace with unique diamond equation cuffs and basic rings, she makes the same contribution to the future of jewelry and retail.
Fisher launched the business through a simple website showcasing five products.
She confirmed each order on the phone and wrote each order in the bedroom before sending the order design.
While direct-to-consumer decisions are motivated by ensuring accuracy, Jennifer Fisher jewelry is one of the first brands to sell online, creating a shift in the industry to a direct-to-consumer model.
\"We have to go straight because of our custom level,\" she said . \".
\"Every piece represents a person\'s story, something they want to pass on.
We take this responsibility very seriously.
Today, 75% of their business comes from their website (
Sell custom goods only there)
Online sales have increased by 50% year-on-year since 2011.
Fisher\'s core business is to leverage the power of her community with digital platforms.
She began to test new designs in small batches using a direct consumer-oriented model and became one of the first jewelry brands to nurture two designs
Have a conversation with her community and see each member as part of her team.
Today, she invited 280,000 Instagram fans to all the events from design meetings to product reviews, and constantly created new ways to bring them behind the scenes.
Deciding to debut their series on Instagram instead of fashion week is one of Fisher\'s biggest targets.
The event, made up of 26 photos, produced more than 5,000 favorite photos.
Earlier this month, Town and Country magazine, along with Tiffany & Co, honored Fisher\'s ingenuity at the retail innovation awards
And Saks Fifth Avenue.
\"We wanted to show everyone the series at the same time, so we decided to test it,\" she shared . \".
\"Traditionally we don\'t do anything anymore.
We\'re kind of like traitors.
We keep saying, \"Let\'s do what feels right and see what happens.
Fisher is also the voice of the two series.
After the team realized that photos of her wearing jewelry led to more purchases, they took photos of her walk near TriBeCa.
The overwhelming response from the community is: \"It\'s cool.
Why is there no more people doing this?
\"I\'m more like a relative,\" she added . \"
\"It works because it\'s real.
Intuition of the founder. Self-
Described as non
Fisher\'s enduring success is largely due to her expectations, perceptions and rapid adaptation to change.
Starting with the brass series she launched during the recession, she continues to stay super
Realize how changing trends affect her business.
\"We test so many ideas every season because we don\'t know what\'s going to happen,\" she said . \".
\"When something happens, you take the wind and break the waves.
At the same time, you know instinctively that things are temporary.
As a business, you must be consistent with the tides so that you can divert your attention before the waves break.
\"The company decided to launch a full basket series this season, which embodies Fisher\'s philosophy.
After the launch of Samira Hoops in 2016, which rose to the top of the best-selling list, they expanded their collection to include more than 15 different sizes in less than two years, this led to an average annual increase of 38% in the company\'s total online sales.
\"We didn\'t make hoop earrings, but we happened to design a earrings with the right look at the right time,\" Fisher shared . \".
\"You may have a feeling that a piece will work, but you will never really know.
I\'m not sure if it will end up being 50% of the best-selling books.
We are more focused on seeing which of our ideas resonate and taking advantage of that momentum than trying to predict it.
\"One of the most unexpected opportunities Fisher has used over the last eight years is to use Instagram as a direct channel for her life as a founder.
@ Villerfisher jewelry account was originally a platform to plan your own news page and has now evolved into an intimate play played by her.
Every day, 280,000 fans accompany her on adventures, from the early morning Tracy Anderson course to dinner with her family, to a trip to Paris.
A real glimpse of Fisher\'s life
All posts are organic and there is no social strategy for the team
Increased brand awareness and sales.
Most importantly, it enables her to personally connect with customers and fans, one of the most dynamic and rewarding parts of the day she calls.
Even though the business seems to rely on social platforms, Fisher posts multiple times a day and now her collection makes its debut, she is clearly aware of its short-lived nature.
\"You can\'t rely on anything as a business --
Whether it\'s a product, a platform or a partner-
This is the light switch for your company.
\"Nothing is permanent,\" she said for sure.
Therefore, she believes that her success on the platform is the inspiration and verification of building a complete content engine on the Jennifer Fisher jewelry website.
The company started to achieve this in 2016, when they launched a lifestyle brand --
Fisher is willing to develop one of the most appropriate performances of the business in a new direction.
While selling salt next to diamond cuff earrings may seem like an unusual expansion, it\'s perfect for Fisher, her passion for cooking stems from the cooking class her mother gave her at the age of 11.
Although she still has cut-out recipe cards in her kitchen, cooking is another childhood hobby she never expected to become a business.
Fisher cooks most of her food at home, and after searching for garlic-free seasoning salt for breakfast eggs, she decides to make it herself.
Fisher\'s salt, mixed with the lemon her dad planted in Santa Barbara and her favorite herbs, quickly became a staple in the family.
The husband of the president of Jennifer Fisher jewelry encouraged her to explore packaging and sales.
To measure interest, she started posting on Instagram the meals she made for her family and quickly attracted a variety of questions, from how to dig eggs to where she went --
Recipe for Tuesday.
Next is the now well-known holiday gift for avocado, lemon and salt mixture, which the team sent as a strong snack
Fisher never got more gratitude for a gift.
The Jennifer Fisher lifestyle brand was born.
In less than a year, Fisher and her husband stood in a manufacturing plant in New Jersey overseeing the production of their first mixture, Jennifer Fisher universal salt.
It was sold out in two weeks, and after a few months there was a mix of curry and spicy.
Today Fisher has more than 55 recipes on her website, along with her cooking Instagram account @ swierfisherkitchen, from brown sugar garlic chicken to chili lime roasted cauliflower and Sesame Braised
She made every meal for her family.
You may find photos or videos of it on Instagram
And share it with persuasion.
Many are family recipes, including banana bread made by her mother and brownie cake made by her aunt.
\"Now that we have a fine collection of jewelry and brass, I can follow my passion.
\"I always say: I don\'t do the treatment I do,\" she said . \".
\"When my husband and I were standing in a manufacturing factory, it still felt hysterical, but we loved it.
\"The ultimate mission of this family is to work with charities where they can donate the proceeds.
They are also exploring organic chili sauce and salad sauce.
\"The goal is to create a lifestyle brand that allows good people to eat healthily and live the best life, while giving back to society,\" she added . \".
\"We want to be Paul Newman in fashion.
A lasting competitive advantage.
Although Jennifer Fisher jewelry is the industry leader, the brand is still small and Fisher is still responsible for most of the day-to-day operations.
As we all know, she joined the team at the office on Saturday before the awards ceremony, packed the order in person and responded to comments on social media, which she operated entirely on her own.
For many, her involvement may hinder the expansion of the business.
It seems to her that\'s why they continue to do so, and it\'s part of her philosophy that everyone should be together.
\"People were shocked that I was in the office all the time.
Where else will I be?
My name is on the door here.
If you don\'t want someone else to take your place, you have to keep showing up, \"she said.
\"We are a small team of 10 people who are very careful about what we do while breaking the limits.
This is the core of our brand and I am very protective of it. We’re here.
We are not filtered, we are just beginning.
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