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The correct maintenance method of titanium steel jewelry-

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-08-10
Correct maintenance method of titanium steel jewelry-KEKE jewelry factory
Titanium steel jewelry is beautiful and fashionable. It is popular because it conforms to the aesthetics of modern young people. The surface is strong and wear-resistant, and it is not afraid of scratches. However, like other jewelry, it needs maintenance. Then you know what is the correct maintenance method for titanium steel jewelry. ? The author of KEKE Jewelry Factory specially compiled some methods for your reference.

The raw material of titanium steel jewelry is mainly stainless steel. This material is often seen in daily life. It can be said to be a very friendly material, which does not rust and is easy to maintain. Therefore, we do not need very complicated steps to properly maintain titanium steel jewelry, just simple operations. If you want to continue to shine, you can often use a towel to wipe the surface, many surface stains can be wiped clean, you can add water appropriately, remember not to use detergent, because it may damage the metal surface.

The author of the KEKE jewelry factory suggested that when doing laundry, washing dishes, etc., if it is a titanium steel ring or bracelet, it can be properly removed and maintained to prevent chemicals or oil stains from affecting the brightness of the jewelry surface. It is also recommended to remove it for strenuous exercise to prevent sweat from damaging the metal surface. In the above cases, you can also use clean water to clean it.

When not wearing titanium steel jewelry, our correct maintenance method is to store it in a dry place or seal it to prevent the jewelry from losing its luster. The above is the correct maintenance method for titanium steel jewelry. Through the above methods, titanium steel jewelry can continue to glow beautifully and look like new forever.

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