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The advantages and processing technology of titanium steel ring

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-08-20
The advantages and processing technology of titanium steel ring KEKE jewelry factory
Titanium steel ring is a very special metal jewelry, the texture is very tough, but it is very corrosion-resistant. It will not turn black like silver, nor is it prone to allergies like copper and other jewelry, and it will not be like alloy jewelry. It is toxic because of lead, and stainless steel jewelry always maintains its own color at room temperature for life. Stainless steel jewelry is made of the same material from the inside to the outside, and has passed the artificial sweat test. Its characteristics are that it is completely non-corrosive, and is resistant to strong acid and alkali. It is a green high-grade environmental protection jewelry that will not produce any side effects and harmless to the human body.

The process of titanium steel ring Titanium steel ring is made of high-quality stainless steel raw materials through casting, wire cutting, stamping forming, rough finishing, grinding and polishing and other processes, supplemented by various shading treatment effects: such as high frequency, high pulse technology, fine Shading etching process; oil pressure shading process; hollow etching process; high temperature enamel surface protection process and other fashion accessories.

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