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How to choose titanium steel rings for different hand types-

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-08-05
How to choose titanium steel rings for different hand types-KEKE Jewelry Factory
A thousand people have a thousand hands. In terms of color, there are white, yellow, black, and red; in terms of skin, there are rough and delicate; in terms of shape, there are size, fat, thin, thick, long and short. Points, so what kind of hand type wears what kind of titanium steel ring, let KEKE jewelry processing factory share it with you.

1. Slim fingers

This type of hand is more suitable for wearing 18k gold titanium steel rings, and can control various colors and styles of titanium steel rings to add style to slender fingers; wearing thick rings can make the fingers contrast with gold-plated titanium steel rings It looks delicate and beautiful under the background.

2. Thick and large palms and fingers

Small and delicate titanium steel rings should be avoided as much as possible. The contrast between the thick hand and the finer ring can make the hand appear thicker and the ring appear smaller. However, it is also not suitable to wear a ring that is too large, because a large ring will make people feel awkward. You can choose a medium-sized imitation gold ring, be it a gemstone, diamond or jade ring.

3. The palms and fingers are small

This type is not suitable for wearing large titanium steel jewelry rings, such as rough rings, rings set with large whole stones, etc. A large and full ring will make the hand look small. If you wear a ring with a delicate shape, such as a small titanium-steel ring inlaid with treasure, it will reflect the delicate shape of the hand, making the fingers beautiful and lovely. People with small hands should not wear more than two rings.

Fourth, the obvious type of finger knuckles

Hands with obvious joints are suitable for wearing titanium steel rings with irregular shapes, such as 'V'-shaped rings facing the palm, using visual guidance to make the fingers grow. People with stubby fingers should not wear gem-set rings, square rings, or round rings, but should wear rings with smooth lines.

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