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How to choose and wear titanium steel earrings?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-07-23
How to choose and wear titanium steel earrings? KEKE jewelry factory
Titanium steel earrings can modify the face shape and express one's own style and personality, and can also become the finishing touch of fashion. So how should we choose and wear titanium steel earrings? KEKE jewelry processing factory focuses on titanium steel jewelry customization and OEM, and can give you the following suggestions.

1. Do not choose titanium steel earrings that are too heavy or some inferior metal or plastic materials, which will cause certain damage to the body.

Second, in some serious and formal occasions, do not match too exaggerated or too decorative titanium steel earrings, which will divert the attention of others.

Third, generally do not wear multiple titanium steel earrings on the same ear, which not only looks complicated, but also causes certain damage to the health of the ear.

Fourth, try to wear a pair of earrings when wearing earrings. The Chinese pay attention to pairing. With such a large ear loop, the author wants to ask whether it is heavy.

5. When wearing earrings, try not to wear titanium steel necklaces or brooches in the same direction at the same time. This can look repetitive and messy.

6. If you have a fleshy fan on your face, don't choose titanium steel earrings with the same shape as your face, which will highlight your shortcomings.

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