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How to care for a stainless steel ring?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-09-06
How to care for a stainless steel ring? KEKE jewelry factory
Stainless steel jewelry has been a star in the fashion jewelry world since the 21st century. In terms of quality, cost, environmental protection and other factors, more and more people choose stainless steel rings. How many people know how to maintain stainless steel rings?

1. Please keep the ring sealed when it is not worn to avoid the weakening of the surface luminosity.

2. When engaging in strenuous exercise or moving heavy objects, please avoid wearing rings as much as possible to avoid damage to the jewelry due to friction and collision, and gems falling off. Wear the ring after dressing up.

3. Avoid wearing this product in hot spring areas and seawater areas to prevent the ring from changing due to contact with sulfide. If you touch it accidentally, please wash it with plenty of water first.

4, often wipe with a dry cloth.

5. When doing laundry, washing dishes and cooking, please remove the ring to avoid chemicals or oil stains affecting its brightness.

6. Avoid contact with acid and alkaline substances and high temperature, otherwise it will easily destroy its active ingredients.

7. Those with allergic skin should wear it carefully. If skin allergy occurs during wearing, please stop wearing the stainless steel ring immediately.

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