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Foshan KEKE jewelry processing factory's view on the future jewelry industry

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-08-08

Foshan KEKE jewelry processing factory's view on the future jewelry industry

Foshan KEKE Jewelry Processing Factory has determined from the beginning that it only focuses on custom-made stainless steel jewelry processing factories, because of the gloss,

Perfect polishing and corrosion resistance, and its own price is not higher than that of precious metals, it is more diverse in terms of quantity and style matching,

It has become an important choice for many men and women to buy jewelry.

304L, 316L stainless steel is famous for its unquestionable hardness, durability and corrosion resistance, stable and non-deformable quality design.

These qualities, along with a wealth of design options, have boosted jewelry retailers’ sales and consumers’ trust.

Thus opened the stainless steel jewelry sales continued to rise. In terms of production and design, the jewelry processing factory makes full use of the characteristics of stainless steel.

It is more inclined to the European and American minimalist style, which is visually noble and elegant, fashionable and versatile, and cost-effective.

Items such as stainless steel bracelets, rings and earrings were popular in the 1970s and were especially popular among the youth and male market.

The stainless steel jewelry industry can continue to develop along with jewelry processing plants. After several decades, the popularity of stainless steel products should not weaken.

Instead, it has been widely accepted by both male and female consumers.

Foshan KEKE jewelry processing factory, 8 years of focus on stainless steel jewelry OEM/ODM cooperation, 1200 square meters of jewelry processing factory, daily volume up to 12000 pieces!

Focus on serving major jewelry flat shooting, enterprises and institutions customized commemorative, commercial gifts and other stainless steel jewelry!

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