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fire on commercial property near kingsville burns for 26 hours

by:Keke Jewelry     2019-10-26
A fire broke out at the Global Pack packaging solution on third East Road, and the Kingsville fire department was occupied from Monday morning to Tuesday morning.
OFM is investigating and is expected to lose more than $500,000.
The Kingsville Fire Department said that a commercial property on the east of Highway 3 between Kingsville and Limington had a fire from Monday morning to Tuesday morning.
The fire of the global packaging and packaging solution located on East 1928 road 3 was finally announced to be extinguished around 8: 30 on Tuesday. m.
According to Chuck Parsons, Kingsville fire chief.
Firefighters were at the scene for 26 hours.
\"This is because of the products in the fire.
This is plastic, \"Parsons explained on Tuesday.
\"We have to take defensive mode.
Parsons said that every fire department in the county helped deal with the incident, and emergency personnel in Windsor were also trained in hazardous materials.
At 6: 20 on Monday, the Kingsville Fire Department was called to the address for the first time. m.
Because there are reports of smoke and flames.
Parsons said the fire occurred in the warehouse of the property.
Firefighters successfully prevented the fire from spreading to the production area.
Throughout the time firefighters stayed on site, OPP closed the section east of road 3 to meet traffic needs.
No other property was touched by fire and no one was injured.
Parsons said that at the same time as the Kingsville firefighters arrived, the employees of the Global Pack also appeared.
Due to the severity of the damage, the Ontario Fire chief\'s office was contacted: Parsons said that the cost of the fire could exceed $500,000 given the structure and content.
The OFM representative was on site on Tuesday.
Although the cause is still under investigation, Parsons said there was no suspicion of criminal activity and OPP was not involved in the investigation.
Global packaging solutions describe themselves as custom packaging specifically designed and manufactured for food and non-foodFood industry.
The company began in 1998 in the Bell plastic industry.
The company\'s list of plastic products is described as ideal for products such as tomatoes, strawberries and blueberry varieties.
On the morning of December, the relevant commercial fire closed the road near the firefighters of KingsvilleKingsville, which is located on the global packaging package solution on East Highway 3. 10, 2018.
On the morning of December, the Kingsville Fire Department/Windsor launched the scene of the fire at the commercial property on East 3 Road, Kingsville area. 10, 2018.
On the morning of December, Ontario police/Windsor StarKingsville firefighters provided global packaging solutions on East 3. 10, 2018.
Kingsville Fire Department/Windsor spark investigator to 26-
On December, at the third East Road near Kingsville, the one-hour fire of global packaging and packaging solutions. 11, 2018.
Dan Janisse/Windsor StarA Kingsville fire department vehicle, located on the property of Global Pack packaging solutions east of Road 3, the warehouse fire lasted for 26 hours until December. 11, 2018.
Dan Janisse/Windsor StarA saw the property of the global packaging solution on the east of Route 3, where the warehouse fire burned for 26 hours until December. 11, 2018.
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