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fake takes its place as high-end trend

by:Keke Jewelry     2020-05-21
There are two kinds of jewelry for most people: physical objects and clothing, if you are a persistent person, they are fake.
However, there is a lot of quality and price in this category, and sometimes \"fake\" is worth a lot of money.
Several pieces of clothing sold on the streets around the world are almost pennies --
Produced by machines that use materials as cheap as possible, so that \"gold\" or \"silver\" chips fall off easily.
Expensive \"fakes\" are made by high
Quality materials and hand made.
Not only are they more durable, but they also \"show\" better \". Hand-
Set up a stone that will let it shine even if it is not real.
If the setting is too low and the light is not enough, the eyes will be dazzled. if the setting is too high, there is a danger of popping up.
Natalie Colin, creative director at Swarovski, said: \"Once you know all the steps and craftsmanship behind it, you will find it worth the price . \".
Swarovski specializes in the production of clothing jewelry in crystal at a price of less than $100, but it is easy to rise.
This is an extensive international business, with its original crystal factory located in Wattens, Austria, a factory in Thailand, where most of the manual work is done, and the office in Paris is also the place for design and development.
Each article starts with the concept triggered by the company\'s trend forecasters.
In the coming spring and summer, what they see is \"two directions, as they often see \". Colin said.
\"On the one hand, there is a trend that is very colorful and happy.
On the other side, there is the opposite: a little spark that is more stylish, minimal and modern.
Any color comes from metal, gold is back, and a lot of rose gold.
\"A team of 35 designers who come up with 1,500 sketches each season and choose 400 sketches from them, MadamColin added.
Each piece has a maximum of three samples, and they are evaluated as wear resistance, among other factors.
Then, the work is put into production, \"like fine jewelry, it is all handmade, the cutting of stone, the polishing of metal, the setting of stone, are all handmade ,\". Colin added.
A necklace from the spring/summer 2015 series, Celeste choker, \"20 months ago, when we started thinking about the garden and the need to reconnect with nature,\" Ms. Colin said.
Finished necklace contains 2,000 hands
Cut crystal, every hand
Applied on a plexiglass disc, forming the background with 220 hands
Hand-cut stone with colored purple crystal, turquoise, blue opal and jadeite-
Set in resin to give the form of abstract flowers.
Price: $799.
By contrast, Andrew Prince is
For personal operation, he can spend thousands of dollars on clothing and jewelry.
Whether it\'s creating artificial jewelry for Downton manor or creating artificial jewelry for his collection of the same name
The Prince personally designed each piece and made it by hand in the studio on the East End of London.
He is an expert in jewelry history and has spoken at the Victoria and Albert museums.
He looked for old stones in antique shops and old factories, and cut fewer faces, so they sparkled but were more colorful.
He says he likes to work in the clothing and jewelry industry because it gives him the \"freedom\" to deal with what real gems don\'t have \".
For example, he made a strap for the evening dress and dragged a column of \"Diamonds\" behind it, which was completely unrealistic with the real stone.
Costume jewellers are not limited to crystal or glass cutting of imitation gems, and with the popularity of concept jewelry, there are more and more such jewelry, sometimes made from unexpected or recycled materials.
\"The jewelry world was truly open in the 1970 s,\" said Josephine Chett, head of communications at the London Museum of Design.
\"Jewelry designers began to use non-precious materials.
The value of jewelry lies not in the value of the material, but in the value of the design.
She flipped through the catalogue of 2012 exhibition of the museum, unexpected fun: Art and Design of contemporary jewelry, pointing out that almost everything is considered a fair game --
Felt, acrylic, nails, bones, wood, leather, etc.
Costume jewelry can also give the wearer more freedom.
Judianne Colusso is a real estate agent with Tuscan colors in Florence, with a series of real jewelry (
Daughter Trained In gemology in London).
\"I like clothing jewelry, especially earrings, because they may be bigger than life,\" she said in an email, however . \".
\"They don\'t always have a lot of money, but they give a big boost to a suit and your face.
\"Her favorite is the silver circle\", which has a lot of small pieces and is very quiet and delicious --
The message of karma is engraved on it, and there are some small dark blue stones.
Another faux fan is Milan.
Stefania Fabbro is about to launch the jewelry collection Mediterranea, combining fabric with gems.
\"I like clothing jewelry because it allows me to wear luxury jewelry that doesn\'t look at the price of fine jewelry,\" she said in an email . \".
\"My family travels a lot, so I love that these things can withstand the wear and tear of packaging and unpacking.
Even if \"paste \"-
A kind of lead glass that can shine like a diamond --
As early as the 1720 s, Coco Chanel was used for jewelry, another 200 when Coco Chanel made fake goods truly fashionable.
She was the first customer to sell clothing and jewelry at a boutique in Cambon street, Paris.
She said that in her spare time, she likes to sit there and make jewelry templates with wax, which are later made in gold
Her signature is colored metal and melted glass beads that look like precious gems or pearl ropes.
When she piled it all up, her client did the same.
If today\'s \"fashion\" Jewelry is another synonym for \"clothing\" and if every designer has his own collection, then it starts many trends like Chanel.
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