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Titanium steel jewelry processing factory shares titanium steel ring maintenance methods

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-10-19
Titanium steel jewelry processing factory shares titanium steel ring maintenance methods

Titanium steel jewelry has always been the incarnation of dignity and dignity. Owning a noble titanium steel jewelry is the pursuit of every woman, but many people will worry about the discoloration of titanium steel rings. So will the titanium steel ring change color? What are the maintenance methods for the ring? Let’s take a look with the titanium steel jewelry processing factory!

Do titanium steel rings change color?

The characteristics of titanium steel are that it is naturally pure and bright, and has a kind of natural purity. The special metal properties make titanium steel rings very wear-resistant, high temperature resistant, and very stable in nature. Therefore, titanium steel rings are not easy to fade, discolor or yellow, no matter how long they are stored. It can maintain a pure and bright luster for a long time, so the ring of titanium steel is also considered to be the best witness of eternal marriage.

Do titanium steel rings change color? The special metal properties of titanium steel rings will not change color. Even if there are scratches in life, it is only a metal shift. As long as it is polished, it will be as bright as new, so that the ring will remain lasting for a long time. The following are some common ones. ring.

A gold ring

Gold rings are very common. From the material point of view, although the texture of gold rings is relatively stable, the most important thing to pay attention to is to avoid contact with chemicals, especially harsh chemicals such as bleach. Another point to note is that gold rings are easily corroded by perfume, so keep away from gold rings when spraying perfume.

The diamond ring

Diamond rings are very precious, so they must be well maintained. However, the maintenance method of diamond rings is very simple. You can clean the surface of the diamond at home without taking it to the store. You can pour some special gemstone cleaners in warm water, just soak the diamond ring in water, after soaking for a while, gently scrub with a soft rag, and finally dry it with a dry rag.

3. Platinum Rings

Platinum rings need to be cleaned regularly to keep their surfaces looking bright. Use special cleaners when cleaning platinum rings, or you can soak it in mild soapy water and wipe it gently with a soft cloth. If you have the conditions, you can also take it to the store for professional maintenance. Of course, precious rings like this can be maintained for free in the store.

Four, titanium steel ring

The maintenance method of titanium steel ring is relatively simple. Generally, the simpler method is to clean it with water and then dry it with a dry cloth. If the titanium steel ring is old in color and cannot be washed with clean water, you can put some detergent, slowly wash it with a toothbrush, and then rinse it.

The above is about whether the titanium steel ring will change color and the maintenance method of the ring. I believe everyone understands it! No matter what kind of ring, you must master the maintenance method of the ring. If you have a precious ring, you can take it to the store for professional maintenance.

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