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Recommend several basic jewelry matching strategies-

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-07-18
Recommend several basic jewelry matching strategies-KEKE jewelry processing factory
Don't know how to match jewelry? KEKE jewelry processing factory recommends several basic jewelry matching strategies for you, so that you can avoid detours, skip the mistakes of novice matching, and become a qualified jewelry matching expert.

The number of jewelry matching is better than the number, and refuse to be redundant. If you match a variety of accessories at the same time, the number should be limited to three. Moderate accessories can better reflect the power of matching and modeling compared to excessively redundant accessories. Try to focus on simple styles, and complex pendants are Auxiliary, a single color is more beautiful as a whole.

Jewelry mix and match is appropriate. Generally, the color of stainless steel jewelry is the pursuit of the same color, that is to say, the color consistency is better, and the main color is consistent, rather than the colorful and dazzling mix and match. But you can make some style breakthroughs without jumping out of the clothing itself, and you can highlight your own matching characteristics.

Jewelry matches your face shape. Jewelry processing factories recommend that the chin of the melon face is relatively pointed, suitable for wearing earrings or earrings with a 'lower edge greater than the upper edge'; for round faces, you should choose rectangular whip-shaped and drop-shaped earrings that can create a length effect; Increase the width of the face and reduce the length of the face with circular, square, fan-shaped and other horizontally designed earrings; for square faces, choose an arc-shaped necklace that is longer vertically than horizontally.

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