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Jewelry factory teaches you how to wear various ear clips

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-08-23
Jewelry factory teaches you how to wear various ear clips
Ear clips are more suitable for people who don't have pierced ears but want to wear earrings. With the development of jewelry, there are more and more styles of ear clips. Many people don't know how to wear them. KEKE jewelry factory teaches you various ear clips. strapping method.

Screw ear clips, this style can adjust the tightness of the ear clips by screwing the screws. This type of ear clip is suitable for a wide range of people. After all, it can be adjusted according to everyone's needs. Generally, the ear clip is opened, then adjusted according to the thickness of the earlobe, and finally buckled. The round ear clip is a delicate and convenient accessory, but the tightness cannot be adjusted. You only need to open the ear clip and then pull it to the appropriate position. If you feel pain when wearing it, you should give up immediately.

The most popular style of ear clip in stainless steel jewelry recently is the ear clip, which can not only enhance people's temperament, but also make the face more radiant. The way it is designed and wrapped is very much in line with the trendy theme. KEKE jewelry processing factory believes that this kind of ear jewelry needs to look at the size and characteristics of its product. When wearing it, find the corresponding fixing point and carry out effective wrapping, so that the ear bone clip can better maintain its natural beauty, and it is not will fall off easily.

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