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how i created the perfect pandora style bracelet

by:Keke Jewelry     2020-05-04
7 Easy Steps for me to make the best Pandora style bracelet would like to share with you 7 Easy Steps for me to make Pandora style bracelet and you will really be proud of it.
Whether you want to remodel an existing bracelet or buy yourself a new one or buy one as a gift, I will share my own personal experience with you.
Maybe you have received a charm bracelet as a gift for Christmas or Valentine\'s Day, or you may be lucky to get one for your birthday and need inspiration to make it look great.
As a proud owner of two real Pandora bracelets, and a growing collection of charm and beads, I learned how to assemble a beautiful bracelet and know what is needed and what is not.
I hope my best Pandora style bracelet making tips will help you to make a bracelet that you will be proud to wear.
Measure your WristEuropean charm bracelet before you buy it, it has many different styles, colors, materials and lengths.
The first thing to do is to measure the wrist at the widest point of the wrist.
You then need to add 2 cm to the wrist measurement and then rotate to the nearest whole number.
If your total measurement is 0.
If it is 0, it is less than or equal to 5.
Greater than or greater than a circle.
Don\'t be tempted to buy a bigger bracelet than you think you need.
You may think adding charm and beads to your bracelet will take up a lot of space, but when you add charm to your bracelet, it will stretch a small amount.
Due to the combined effect of losing weight and having an already loose bracelet, I ended up having to buy a smaller Pandora bracelet.
The real Pandora bracelet has six lengths from: 17cm\'s (6. 7 inches)to 23 cm\'s (9 inches).
There are four sizes for the Chamillia bracelet, from 17 cm (6. 7 inches)to 20. 1 cm\'s (7. 9 inches)
If your wrists are smaller than regular wrists, this makes them more suitable, but it is not suitable if your wrists are larger than regular wrists.
The Biaggi bracelet has an amazing 12 sizes ranging from 6 inch to 8. 75 inches.
The Trollbead bracelet is available in 11 sizes from 5. 4 inches to 9.
4 inch, it offers the widest range of size options, perfect if you are shopping for a child or a larger woman.
With Trollbeads, please note that you order the clasp separately, but this is taken into account when measuring the bracelet, so the bracelet you receive will be one inch less than expected (i.
E a 8 inch bracelet, it will be 7 inch long! )
If you need help measuring your wrist correctly, watch the video below.
Choosing your bracelet is a material made from these popular charm bracelets, with more and more materials and styles for the bracelet.
Sterling silver is probably the most popular metal in Pandora style bracelets.
I always advise you not to buy silver bracelets, especially if you want your bracelets to stand the test of time.
However, if you want to buy a bracelet that only wears a few times or is suitable for your child, then be careful about the quality when purchasing.
You can also choose from silver oxide, leather, silver plating, pure gold, gold plating and stainless steel.
How to make your bracelet very expensive.
If you like the idea of gold but want a cheaper alternative, there are a few options: 1.
Choose a silver or leather bracelet with a pure gold buckle. 2.
Choose a silver or leather bracelet, but plan to add some outstanding gold charm. 3.
Go get a gold plated bracelet (
For bracelets that you would like to keep and treasure, I would not recommend this one). 4.
Choose a bracelet with gold-plated fasteners.
If you choose a leather tag bracelet, you can also choose the color.
The colored leather you choose for your charm bracelet will help define its style.
If you do not want to conflict, it may also help to determine the color of the beads you put on the bracelet.
At present, the bracelet packaging is very popular, but just because the bracelet is long, it is not considered that the bracelet needs more charm to fill.
There are usually fewer bracelets in this style and I will be careful not to overfill as the bracelets stretch and damage.
If you decide to buy a leather bracelet, you have some options, what kind of fasteners do you want, what material do you use (i. e. gold or silver)
What color of leather do you want (
There are many colors to choose from).
Do you want a length or a wrap style?
Two must-have pieces of my Pandora style charm (
Hinge to fit bracelet with thread)
Or rubber plug-in for regular bracelets.
There are at least two Murano glass or Swarovski crystal beads.
The rest depends on you.
Adding amulets to your bracelet the beads, amulets and clips you purchase will depend on the style of the bracelet and the effect you are trying to achieve.
Some people choose to have a special charm on their bracelets or a charm in the middle of two glass beads.
You may just want to add some charm and beads.
There are clips on the middle line on my Pandora bracelet, two Murano glass beads and four spells in the middle of the beads.
Others choose to fill the bracelet.
You may also want to consider designing a dedicated storage system for your bracelets and amulets to keep them safe and look at the best.
How to add beads and charms to your bracelet how to choose beads and charms to add to your charm bracelet: choose a theme such as Valentine\'s Day or \"Mother and Daughter \", build your bracelet around this theme.
Choose the color scheme that suits you.
Choose beads that represent special events in your life, such as memorable holidays.
Buy beads and charms you like but have no special meaning. .
Buy a bracelet.
None of these methods are better than the next one, depending entirely on how you decide to add charm to the bracelet.
First of all, I always recommend buying sterling silver charm unless your budget is very tight.
This is because the charm of cheap metal casting often does not reach the same quality, and charm often lacks definition.
In my experience, I also found that the plating would wear out very quickly, which left you an unpleasant discoloration.
If you \'ve decided on a color scheme, but you\'re in love with a non-matching bead, buy it or start a new collection, or mix it with your existing beads.
You also need to consider the \"balance\" level of the bracelet.
When you choose charm, try to balance the placement position of the glass or crystal beads so they are evenly distributed.
Also, consider adding one or two hanging charms to increase the depth of the bracelet.
One trick I \'ve learned is to put your bracelets on a clean fabric and then put the beads and amulets next to them so you can see how they look before you actually fit them on
Nothing is more frustrating than carefully threading and fastening the clip, just realizing that you missed a charm or that you have a bead in the wrong place!
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