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How big is the market demand for jewelry?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-07-24
How big is the market demand for jewelry? KEKE jewelry factory
How big is the market demand for jewelry? Everyone has a love for beauty. With the development of social economy and the improvement of living standards, people's demand for jewelry is increasing. According to the author of KEKE jewelry processing factory, the jewelry market in 2013 has reached 470 billion yuan. So far, the scale has exceeded 700 billion yuan.

Not only that, the market demand for jewelry continues to increase, and third- and fourth-tier cities have become industry growth points with huge demand potential. As far as the structure of jewelry is concerned, gold jewelry still occupies the main position, while the proportion of titanium steel jewelry is gradually increasing. KEKE jewelry processing factory believes that this is because titanium steel jewelry is similar to platinum jewelry, has the same exquisite appearance, affordable price, and good quality, which is in line with the aesthetic and consumption level of fashionable young people.

The market demand for jewelry is increasing, which also proves that the competition in the jewelry industry is increasingly fierce. How should we view the development trend of this industry? The author of KEKE jewelry processing factory believes that the market is mature, the product design process is also mature, and the industry is integrated The speed of the market will be further accelerated, so that the market will concentrate on companies with more brand, channel advantages and product design capabilities, so there must be a brand concept, what do you think?

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