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Because of it I went to the wedding hall

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-10-26

Heart-shaped opal: Heart-shaped contains romance, happiness, and pure love. There are many people who love opals, but there are very few opals that meet the requirements of being polished into a heart-shaped cut, and the craftsmanship is very complicated. In Southeast Asia, opal science is seen as a symbol of good luck. As long as people believe in it, it will protect the owner's health and longevity, so Orientals regard it as a talisman of life.

Rose Gold Plating: Use

Electroplating 18K gold, multi-layer environmental protection electroplating, hypoallergenic, comfortable to wear, more suitable for your delicate skin.

Inner arc: At the expense of more metal, multiple grindings have created a unique inner arc technology in the world, such as a silk-like smooth and comfortable ring wall, always caring for the fingers of your loved ones, we pay attention to every detail, even if you don't notice it.

This is an exclusive symbol for women. There are thousands of ways to make women beautiful and attractive. Designers apply this classic love element to jewelry. Although it is not the first time, it is already a time-tested classic element of big-name jewelry. Collect this jewelry and add the perfect addition to your femininity.

When you raise your hand, you can feel our true love when you put on this delicate ring with a classic style and an elegant connotation.


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