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Titanium steel jewelry manufacturers talk about titanium steel jewelry and silver jewelry which is better?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-10-20
Titanium steel jewelry manufacturers talk about titanium steel jewelry and silver jewelry which is better?

Which is better, titanium steel jewelry or silver jewelry? KeKe Jewelry believes that titanium steel jewelry is better than silver jewelry in terms of material, quality and price. Only in terms of value and collection, silver jewelry is better than titanium steel jewelry.

Titanium steel jewelry manufacturer - KeKe Jewelry learned that the silver content of standard silver is 92.5%. 925 silver is pure white and has a strong luster metallic feel. The sterling silver of 925/1000 silver plus 75/1000 copper is an internationally recognized sterling silver standard. In recent years, because silver jewelry is easy to turn black, it will lose the luster of the jewelry itself, and its value is obviously lower than that of gold and platinum, so silver will often be used to make cheap jewelry. In addition, silver is also widely used in industry, such as electronic components and instruments of various precision instruments made of its good conductivity.

And 316L titanium steel jewelry is very popular among consumers. Among them, 316L is a stainless steel number. In fact, it is obtained by continuing to reduce the carbon content on the basis of 316 stainless steel. Compared with ordinary stainless steel, the cost will be more expensive, but it is resistant to It is very corrosive, and the surface is hard and not easy to scratch, so it is very suitable for skin contact accessories.

In addition, KeKe Jewelry recommends that you must avoid the following three points of wearing minefields when wearing them.

1. The V-neck is matched with a long titanium steel necklace, so that the V-shaped present on the necklace will overlap with the V-shaped neckline, which not only drowns the quality of the clothes, but also lowers the grade of the accessories. Therefore, it is suitable to wear a short necklace when wearing a V-neck, so that there will be no conflict between the two.

2. All titanium steel jewelry should be worn on the skin. For example, choosing a titanium steel necklace with a thick chain to wear on a black bottoming shirt can highlight the texture and at the same time connect the heavy feeling of the necklace, killing two birds with one stone.

3. The texture and color of titanium steel earrings are cross-matched, and the wrong combination of different textures will affect the overall presentation effect. Therefore, it is recommended to consider the number of colors when choosing earrings, whether there will be conflicts.

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