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The uniqueness of 316L stainless steel is the pursuit of fashionistas

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-11-01

Titanium steel is also known as


Stainless steel, widely used, is characterized by strong acid resistance, strong alkali resistance, no discoloration, no allergies.


Not deformed, hard and bright.


With its unique silver-grey hue, both high-polish




Matt is the most suitable jewelry metal except precious metals platinum and gold, and it is also often used in modern jewelry design abroad.


It is very popular internationally.


Material. As for model design, minimalist and clean tailoring, advanced design, and low-key avant-garde style are highly respected by young white-collar workers.


High-quality steel has


years of development,

It has the characteristics of no fading, no oxidation, no deformation, no scratches, no allergies, etc. , so the maintenance is very simple, just wipe it with a fine cotton cloth and it will be bright.

Or rinse with clean water, or gently wipe with a fine cotton cloth dipped in neutral detergent, and then dry it after washing.


The products are environmentally friendly and non-corrosive, and some friends with sensitive skin wear alloy, copper or silver products, especially earrings.


Ear studs will have allergic reactions, that is, the wearing part will feel itchy, and in severe cases, it will purify. Titanium and stainless steel are suitable for everyone to wear without any discomfort.


Stainless steel

Great value for money, exceptional design and affordable prices. Gives you enough options to perfect your



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