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How to choose the right jewelry for different occasions?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-10-28

Jewelry is one of the most important companions for women. Every morning when you open your jewelry box. Pick one and wear it out, and you'll feel better and more beautiful. In today's social development. Jewelry also plays a very important role in people's social interactions. Especially on important occasions, the appearance and connotation are excellent, and self-confidence and elegance coexist. Is this a beautiful word?

Banquet ceremony:

Dinner/party occasions are usually more solemn, and most of them wear luxurious evening dresses, so the jewelry worn should be consistent with the dress and atmosphere of the occasion. For formal banquets, gorgeous, traditional and solemn jewelry should be worn, and kits with uniform materials and styles are preferred.

The lighting of luxury dinner parties is usually soft and dim, and various colorful lights shine from all directions, creating strong and weak contrasts. Flickering lights can perfectly reveal the brilliance of gold and diamond jewelry.

So it's better to wear white jewelry with single or broken diamonds, or jewelry with light-colored gemstones, which can effectively use light and shadow to produce a brighter effect.

To visit relatives and friends:

In front of relatives and friends, jewelry matching can be carried out according to their own hobbies. You can add some color to the jewelry, which can better increase the intimacy with relatives and friends.

Of course, you also need to match jewelry according to the occasion. If you are attending a heavier wedding, you need to match some well-designed jewelry to better show your personality.

friends gathering:

In your spare time, make an appointment with three or two friends, drink tea and chat together, and some suitable jewelry can make you the focus of the party, not only make yourself beautiful, but also make others happy.

When friends gather, you don't have to wear a full set of jewelry, just highlight one key piece of jewelry. If you wear fancy earrings, you can omit the necklace and vice versa. This is equivalent to the 'white space' in the art of painting, which is neither too low-key nor gives a sense of distance.

If the clothing is simple, you can boldly use popular overlapping styles to wear jewelry, such as the overlapping of platinum diamond necklaces and pearl necklaces, the overlapping of multiple pearl necklaces, etc. Rings can also overlap, fashionable and innovative.

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