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How to find the right manufacturer to design jewelry by yourself?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-07-13
How to find the right manufacturer to design jewelry by yourself? KEKE jewelry factory
How to find the right manufacturer to design your own jewelry? We can learn some answers from different channels, such as: on the Internet, friends in the jewelry industry, etc. But today, the author adds a few points.

1. Jewelry design should have 3 views on the physical plane, so that the factory can more intuitively understand what you want to do. On the graphic design drawings, it is best to clearly mark the materials used, and the actual size, preferably accurate to the millimeter. If you have the ability to do 3D stereoscopic drawings yourself through JCAD, it is best.

2. The cost of mold opening from design to processing is unavoidable, which is the biggest difference between the price gap between the design model and the commonly used model.

3. There is still a little difference between the degree of refinement and the capacity of the factory. After all, the factory is generally based on piecework and will not put too much effort into your design works.

4. The factory can still be found in places where there are many jewelry stores such as the Internet or large jewelry stores. The design must be implemented to the essence. If you have more contact with the current jewelry market, I believe you can gain more.

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