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longtime winpak ceo wraps up career

by:Keke Jewelry     2019-09-04
Hey, time traveler!
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The guards at the plastic factory will be replaced-
Winpak Co. , Ltd. Packaging manufacturerThe Winnipeg-
Winnipeg-based company held its 2017 annual meeting on Thursday, the company announced
Time President and CEO Bruce Berry will retire this summer.
Berry has worked in Winpak for 41 years and has served as president and CEO for the past 14 years.
His successor will be Olivier mugley, who joined the company six years ago and is currently the vice president of the company
President and Chief Operating Officer
Mugley will formally take control of the company in August. 1.
Prior to joining Winpak, he held various senior management positions including vice president
President and General Manager of Alcan food packaging department.
There\'s a lot of records in winpark.
During Berry\'s tenure as ceo, this trend continued for several years and continued in 2017.
He told shareholders that the first three months of the year were the best quarter in winpark\'s history.
Revenue grew by 15.
Up 2% year on year$228. 4 million vs. $198. 2 million —
Net income increased by 7.
5 cents to 28 dollars.
$6 million, 44 cents per share, $26.
6 million, 41 cents per share.
Followed by 5.
Net profit increased by 1 percentage point throughout the 2016 fiscal year.
Berry noted that Winpak\'s net income has grown at a compound rate of £ 12 per year over the past 10 years. 3 per cent.
Strong sales are the main driver of this year\'s record, he saidQuarterly results.
The reduction in operating costs and favorable foreign exchange rates have also helped, adding a week in the quarter.
These positive factors were partially offset by the reduced gross
Profit margins, high income tax and rising prices of raw materialsmaterial costs.
Berry said that the company expects 2017 of its sales performance to continue to maintain good sales momentum and strong profitability.
Capital expenditure is expected to decline
From 2016 of 55 million beauty yuan to 65 million to 72 million beauty yuan.
Winpak operates 10 production plants in Canada, the United States and Mexico, including two in Winnipeg. murray.
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